1. M

    building Li-Ion battery pack

    Hi, I'd like to build a 6S2P Li-Ion battery pack using 18650 cells but since I don't have a spot welder and solder nickel strips using a soldering iron would damage the cells I was thinking about 2 other solutions: 1 ) buy cells with presoldered nichel strips and solder them toghether using a...
  2. Junaid

    Help me build the cheapest Quad possible!

    I was actually trying to make a quad within 10-20$ I plan to buy the following parts- 1) Syma X5C Motors - 4$ 2) Propeller - 2$ 3) Lipo Battery - 3.5$ 4) Eachine E010 receiver board - 5$ 5) Eachine E011C transmitter - 5$ Is there anything else I'll be needing?? Will these stuff be enough...
  3. Y

    Quadcopter advanced concept.

    Good day everyone. I am just curious about the feasibility of using a quad copter in an ultra-efficient RC aircraft for maximum flight time. If quads use 4 motors, the motors would be placed along the "plane's"s wings. 1 2 3 4 /\front 1 3 4 2 (plane front view) I have...
  4. raymon kroeze

    Making a new frame using my CNC machine

    The last couple of months a was working on a new frame design! I wanted to make a very light and yet strong frame. The whole frame was made out of 4 mm carbon fiber and weights only 90 grams. Watch this video to see the frame come to life.
  5. J

    Custom Drone build - The motors

    Hi, I hope someone can help me. I've been planning on building my own drone for a while. I've designed and constructed the framework using 3D printing and aluminium tubing. The main issue is, I don't know which motors and blades to use. The length of each arm is 250mm and the total body weight...
  6. T

    Need Help with specifics please

    I have been flying drones for years but I wanted to start building some. I have some very specific criteria for what my drone MUST be able to do: 1)40-50min flight time 2)lift 2lbs 3)1 mile range The would be nice list: 4) low cost 5) easily portable 6) return to home 7) sturdy 8)camera is...
  7. Gyro

    Multi-capable Quad/Hex Build?

    Im fairly new to the multirotor scene but Ive been through the stages of buying more advanced models and found myself at the Eachine 250 with the Full FPV package. This quad was beyond my expectations and really fun to fly (especially after the tune,) but most importantly it opened up my eyes to...
  8. 3

    would anyone buy a custom quadcopter frame?

    i am looking to see if anyone likes the idea of a custom made quadcopter frame. built using a high tech 3d printer as seen in this link: