would anyone buy a custom quadcopter frame?

Discussion in 'Frame Design' started by 3d printer, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. 3d printer

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  2. vonKlutch

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    As a 3d printer myself, I thought about printing my own parts, but without that printer that lays down fiber inside of its filiment I dont see it being as strong.

    The reason It seems that they use fiberglass and Carbon fiber is the lamination of differnet layers creating something WAYYY more impact resistant. I dont know a type of 3d printing that would come out as reistant as that. I mean they're strong just havnt seen any impact properties I'd think a drone would need. That being said. I wish there was, I could be printing all my parts now lol.

    though my experience is more in the filiment extruders. maybe some of those UV or poder machines can make something tougher.
  3. RENOV8R

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    Sorry, I've tried some 3-D printed parts, and it was not a good experience. Besides not being very strong, if they are anywhere near a heat source (heat gun for shrink tubing, soldering) they turn into a limp noodle
  4. mozquito1

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    The only thing 3d printed I would use is landing feet for 1806 or 22?? Size motors. Or universal size.
    There is a couple on eBay but not long enough. At least if you had some average battery height, say inch & half.
    I would buy some. If I knew were to look.
  5. Chuck

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    I'm not sure 3-D printed fuselage parts would even stand up to extremes in temperatures during outdoor flying. How fragile are they during freezing weather? Will they warp or become soft from prolonged exposure to the sun on 85-plus degree summer days? And lower parts such as landing skids, would also be subject to the force of even slow controlled landings under those circumstances.
  6. rix

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    I am but 1st guy already summed it up.
    Im up for a group buy to keep costs down on a couple of frames and a bunch of plastice protectors ect.
    Woud need to be exactly how I want for similar price as the market or same as market but cheaper.

    Soons I get money together I may just rent a office and buy some and undercut every 1 as prices in UK are unreal.

    I seen a guy though on youtube who had full access to a bunch of cncs and he struggled to make 1 frame as it kept smashing the cnc tool bits.

    may be if you built around a carbon frame or plate, say a A4 sized carbon fibre sheet the make your moulds around that sheet?

    If you on this I am id be up for renting a place and everything. For mow im after rotar armed quads and think itl be cheaper buying individualy anyway. seen a rotar frame cheapest 80 pound, its literaly 10pounds worth of parts. Id be looking to take these type of sellers out the game.

    Let me know im super keen! like the full works, get escs and flight controllers made too. Buy components abroad but have the machines here.

    I just need few like minded people. even could make our own motors or even import cheap 1s and revalance polish and grind them to perfection.

    Aha might just oull the trigger and do it. get few like minded people in there.
  7. rix

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    could he not simply build around a strong filament or build onto it?
    for example that mesh wire stuff? have it mounlded into shape and let the 3d printer fill on top of it?

    If you get what I mean?
    Couldnt he do that with soft carbon too? use it as the base and build around it or even into it like resin but more accurate?

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