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  • my quadcopter is arming but only when two power supplies are given. one from lipo and other from LAPTOP through USB connector. still unfigured for me
    kindly help me to solve this issue
    My Eachine x220 Wizzard flew great for a few months... now it flips out after a short flight time. Black box shows number 3 motor goes to 100 % with sticks input at neutral hover. I replaced motors , esc's but still does the same thing. Is this a Flight controller problem ?
    After a few moments an icon will appear on your Desktop. Right click on the Icon and follow instructions to format your Micro SD card."

    Thats what it says in the manual it came with.
    Hi is there any1 that would be able to help I have got a Sky drone pro had a couple of successful flights but after a little crash the drone only spins 2/3 blades on take off. If I rotate the drone then the blades to the left always spin so I no they all work just not all together. Would be greatful for any help sorting this
    Thanks Daz
    hello Jackson,
    This my first forum ever to join..... I would greatly appreciate any input you could give me on this eachine 250 I just bought on line. would you be willing to help me get it up and running.
    I have tried all the crap they said to do as far as open pilot downloads and nothing is working... please help////
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