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Hi All, really new at this. Just purchased a ZLRC SG906 Beast PRO 2,
and was unable to locate Serial Number on drone. Was wondering if some one familiar with this aircraft
knows if POA prefix followed by seven digits is the SN? There is a bar code that when scanned comes up with this letter/number combo also.
Appreciate any ones input that can help! Want to get registered and in the air!
Much Thanks!
I got a fixed wing in 2015. Have not flown it since. Now I am selling it. I prefer to fly quadcopters. Fixed wings need to be moving all the time to fly. Quads can do what Helicopters do, mostly because they ARE helicopters. I'm still leary about knitting and all, those needles can be dangerous.
I read a thread were you answered a question about the amount of motors being used. I'm planning on buying the Metek F722-SE AIO and using BetaFlight FW, then switch to iNav once I've got things tuned in and figured out. I have a 3D printer and plan on printing my frame. My question is can I build a drone using that FC (or any FC) with 5 motors. My design is pretty much a pentagon. Thanks for any help!!!
I posted a thread like two hours ago and it still says it is awaiting approval. when will it be approved?
Sorry not entirely sure on that think just a new account thing if you come back in 24 hrs and/or leave the page open for a bit you should get past any read time or other limits meant to block spammers from these kinds of forums.
Honestly not sure who all the moderators or admins of this site are but after inititial trust is established in the forum can post fairly regularly without issue. Can't post full res photos so I use a photo resizer app on my phone to get pics down to 50% before sharing which stops me from sharing things (laziness :D )
Awesome thanks I’m going to check to see if it’s gone through yet.