Test Flight And Disastrous Crash Of Modified Elev-8 Quadcopter

Discussion in 'Flight Videos' started by GlassKnees, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. GlassKnees

    GlassKnees Well-Known Member

    I had modified this aircraft extensively over time - the latest mods were the addition of MN3420 T-Motors a voltage/current sensor and use of a 6S lipo. After completing the software configurations in Mission Planner, I took it out for a test flight - initial flight went well.

    Elated at the results, I created a waypoint mission, uploaded the wapoints into the aircraft and attempted to fly it. The autopilot didn't seem to start the aircraft off to the first waypoint, so I took over manually in Stabilize mode, later switching to RTL. During it's descent, I manually yawed the aircraft and it suddenly wobbled uncontrollably and crashed, completely destroying the aircraft.

    I have not determined the cause of the instability. I have a second, similar quadcopter - a Taroto 650 Sport, which is grounded (I don't have a lipo for it as I was using the one I had between the two aircraft and it is badly damaged).
  2. holtneil

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    Hi mate that's a shame it was doing really well
  3. GlassKnees

    GlassKnees Well-Known Member

    I wish I knew what happened. Air was calm or possibly a light breeze above the houses.. Perhaps, when take it apart I might find something. Before I fly the Tarot Sport copter, I will go through the accelerometer calibration again...
  4. ringolong

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    This looks like a prop or motor and prop was coming down before it hit the ground.
    Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 6.25.34 PM.png

    These 2 motors were good. Possibly motor 2 lost the prop judging by the angle.

    Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 6.29.34 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 6.37.28 PM.png Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 6.36.27 PM.png
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  5. GlassKnees

    GlassKnees Well-Known Member

    What wasn't shown is that the aircraft hit the house - the collision caused the motor, prop separation. The aircraft was intact prior to that.
  6. ringolong

    ringolong Well-Known Member

    I can tell when impact to the house happened now. Esc failure would be my next guess. Were all solder connections still intact?

    Curious of the type of escs that you were flying.
  7. GlassKnees

    GlassKnees Well-Known Member

  8. RENOV8R

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  9. ringolong

    ringolong Well-Known Member

    I think we eliminated the escs from experience and reviews, but I could be wrong.

    Have you looked at the solder joints? They should all be intact to the board metal even after a crash like this.
  10. GlassKnees

    GlassKnees Well-Known Member

    Haven't done this. Will probably do so this weekend - I think I can salvage two of the motors. Will report back on what I find, if anything.
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  11. Jackson

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    Damn Glass, I can't imagine how much dough you've sunk into your various endeavors.

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