1. GiantAntCowboy

    LiPo Battery Repair and Puncture Tests - Proceed with caution...

    Hey all, I was originally going to post this in the technical/build section, but figured there may be general interest/curiosity in seeing the puncture tests and disassembled LiPos. Disclaimer: Everything in this video is DANGEROUS, and the processes described require extreme CAUTION as well as...
  2. T

    Quadcopter crash

    Hello, I recently build a 210 quad. First 2 flights was really good, but when i was flying it 3rd time it just falls from the sky. It was really strong snowfall so maybe it is the cause of this? My Betaflight log here
  3. Kingsy

    Broken MJX B3 Enigine

    Dear fellow flyers After a bad crash with our mjx bugs 3 the enige got unbalanced, is this fixable ? It landed semi head first on the propeller which now makes more sound and gives less power. There is a bit extra heat but no visible damages when we fly with this engine. I think the bearing is...
  4. mark wallace

    Need help please - son crashed his ZMR250 now - motor problem

    Hi All, This is my first post here so please be gentle. At the weekend I took my son flying with his ZMR250 self build, which has a naze 32 rev 6 full flight controller, a 20A all in one ESC (i know - horrible, but wanted his first build to be fairly simple for him), Matek PDB, and racerstar...
  5. TheTechGuy

    Blade mQX RTF Crash need new parts

    This past weekend I was learning flips and accidentally powered into the ground from about 30 ft up. It has taken a beating, probably 100 crashes, and a few this hard, and finally gave out. Not bad for a first quad. It has been very tough, light, and great for learning. Broken parts I found...
  6. Erpoyo

    My Drone Crashes - 2018

    Hi, Just created a small video with a compilation of my crashes. Hope not.. but I am pretty sure that more crashes will come :confused::confused: ENJOY!! :D:D
  7. GlassKnees

    Test Flight And Disastrous Crash Of Modified Elev-8 Quadcopter

    I had modified this aircraft extensively over time - the latest mods were the addition of MN3420 T-Motors a voltage/current sensor and use of a 6S lipo. After completing the software configurations in Mission Planner, I took it out for a test flight - initial flight went well. Elated at the...
  8. E

    quad fell like a rock when it lost signal.. why?

    The first drone i had fell slowly once i lost signal, but recently, with another one, it lost signal and just cut it's motors and crashed, why is this? and is there a way to stop it. I thought of popping the antenna out for more signal, but i think it would still just fall.
  9. J

    First Quadcopter Flight - Big Fail

    Hi, I got my first Quadcopter a week ago, a Hubsan X4 mini quadcopter I really thought i was ready for the outdoors, took to the biggest field i could find and took it for a spin at about head height first - all good Then this happens: (lets see how high this thing can go) Took it up so high...
  10. K

    New and Fangled Anti Crash Designs for Drones.

    Safety is a number one concern when it comes to designing a crash-proof design for drones. There is the Gimball,the airbag and the parachute. Crazy designs for which practicality just goes right out the window. Where did it all come from? Was the Mars landing helpful in any capacity? How about...
  11. Oxygen breather

    Crashed drone!! AND LOST FOOTAGE?!

    I have crashed my Syma X8G a few times and wonder if there is any way to retrieve the footage. When I put the SD card into the computer, it will show a file for that video taken, and also will give the amount of MB it takes up. But it won't play, and it only shows the standard quicktime symbol...
  12. Gadget Inspector

    My GPS Quad Journey - From the Crash to Grief Recovery

    This is a story about my experience with GPS quads told with a series of videos. Comments, questions and feedback are welcomed. So, my first ever GPS quad was the XK Detect X380-C. I caught an amazing deal from HobbyKing for about $200! I was so excited for this thing, but I didn't actually...
  13. Gil Barrett

    Blade Chroma Low Battery Return to Home Fail

    I have a Blade Chroma Ready to Fly kit with the CGo3 (4k) cam. I have probably 50 hours flight time with this bird. (I am an experienced Quad Copter Pilot - Over a thousand hours between Phantoms, Syma's, Military Units, etc......). The other night, I kept my Chroma up in the air...
  14. NoContext

    Chroma Drone Propeller Eject Issue - Horizon Denial

    A warning to anyone thinking of buying a drone. Do not buy a Chroma drone from Horizon Hobby / Blade. It is a defective product and Horizon Hobby refuses to support their customers. The drone has an issue where it will sometimes eject a propeller when the motors spin down. This is a problem that...
  15. S

    When a Phantom II Falls 10 Stories

    It almost made it too...
  16. Kealan

    Crashed quadcopter cause??

    So iv crashed my quadcopter many times, however the last two times have been the exact same but i cant figure out the cause. I suspect its a possible faulty esc. Im using 20A Afro ESC. Both times i was flying for longer than usual, 10min<. Both times I was flying aggressively during the flight...
  17. M

    Tilt-Axis not working on DJI Phantom 3 Standard

    The other day I was flying my DJI Phantom 3 standard in the snow, and it crashed into the roughly 2-3 inches of snow. Luckily, It didn't cover, or even touch the upper box of the camera (where all the circuit boards for the camera is), but it definitely covered the camera and the axis'. Now the...
  18. W

    Cheerson CX-20, goes berzerk commits suicide... what happened?

    First time posting so, hi.. I wish I was here for more enjoyable reasons. So I've played with a few smaller cheap quad copters and a few of my friends have them, so I figured I would go ahead and get a somewhat descent one that could carry my GoPro. I settled on the Cheerson CX-20 due to the...