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Discussion in 'RTF Modification & Repair' started by emjays, Dec 31, 2014.

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    I wonder if the battery on top is effecting the gyro ??
    Will it fit on the bottom ?

    Just my opinion ,,, but I believe there's a point " 700-750mah battery" of where a larger battery isn't a good thing.
    There's a lot more strain on the entire prop system, especially with the X5 only having nylon bushings in a plastic housing.
    The other thought is that the light duty brushed motors can over heat with that long a run time.
    I personally find 7-8 min is plenty and I need a break also :) ,, Not a big deal to swap out batteries.
  2. NCFRC

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    Try a Dromida 700 and let us know what you think.
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    Yeah, I am a complete novice to be honest. This is my first quad. I bought a gyro helicopter on ebay for $20 a while back made by Griffin Tech. The one that you fly by using an ios or android device pretty cool little copter for the price, tried a few little tweaks on it using different lipo batteries even tried putting two in parallel to double the amperage etc..These little mods have a little bit of a benefit as far as flight time gains. I was thinking that running two x5c stock 500 lipos in parallel would probably yield the same results as the 1200 lipo and not be as heavy as the 1200 as well. I would like to try the dromida 700 battery.I will let you know when I get a hold of one and post the results. Thanks for your helpful insight.Oh regarding the fit on the bottom question,it would with some duct tape in fact I temporarily mounted it on the battery door then mounted the camera on top of the battery, looked like crap and flew about the same. The battery is huge it is about twice as long as the stock x5c battery and wider. I even tried a cell phone battery, the quad powered up then shut down after 10 seconds or so, some sort of over voltage shutdown protection I assume.
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    Cell phone batteries can't put out the 4-5 amps required to run a X5. The voltage dove to the Syma's cut off with in 10 sec.

    Yes , we have a few of the Syma S107G helicopters. $20 shipped with radio " much better than phone controlled" is a great deal.
    I've learned to leave em stock.

    GoNitro Hobbies NY has the Dromida's for $12.99 shipped. Great customer service !
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