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Discussion in 'First Build' started by ejimbo4, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. ejimbo4

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    Alright so I went with the DLFPV 2205 2300KV motors. Next I want to find a FC. What I am looking for in this build is middle of the road electronics. I don't want Chinese knockoffs but I don't need the high-end going to Nationals type stuff either. Seeing as I know nothing about quad electronics my plan is to buy a piece and then study it and learn about it and hopefully by the time I get ready to put this together I will have a clue to what I am dealing with! What are y'all's opinion on this FC?
  2. ejimbo4

    ejimbo4 Active Member

    All right! So so far I have:
    OXFPV THUG 230-H frame
    DLFPV 2205 2300kv motors
    XRotor 30a Bheli ESC's
    MatekF405STD & FCHUB VTX
    And now I am looking for a transmitter. I would like to keep it around 100.00 and I am wondering if the QX7 would be my best bet? When I order the transmitter I also want to get a Sim and was wondering what everyone thoughts were on Velocidrone?

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