Quad wont lift off...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hug_dealer :D, Aug 8, 2018.

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    Just punched some numbers into ecalc would help to have the full details along with a pic to verify the prop direction. Based on selecting what similar components I can see with regard to prop size and motor kv and assuming 4S battery it's about 300W power input or 15A. The 'current at max' is 90A but that should be at maximum ascent rate or acceleration I imagine as is it should be able to sustain a hover but again I'm making assumptions on some of the components.
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    ok so i didnt realise but the props were incorrect! i had a suspicion on that. but now when i tried flying it it instantly backflipped? why could that be?
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    Still sounds like props wrong at first I wasn't sure since you said just not lifting off and usually I've seen it flip out on take off if I just have one prop or motor direction wrong but perhaps you had a couple and was enough to keep it grounded without flipping out. Would say post a picture to get more eyes on the prop direction and if you could a short vid showing them when arming/disarming a few times so we can see which direction everything is spinning (or can just point out what you can see in person since it will probably be hard to tell from video)
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    Guys is it correct to put allowance on the voltage usage? or not?
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    Sigh... johnny 5 if only this drone was as simple to understand as you x

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