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Discussion in 'RTF Modification & Repair' started by chrs, Nov 10, 2015.

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    I recently purchased a mjx x101. It is very stable for the price and flies well. My only issue is its only 330ft range(100m), if I bought a new Transmitter that's compatible with my quad could I increase that range? Thank you. (PS English isnt my first language sorry for mistakes.)EDIT: Idk if I made it clear but I need a Transmitter that has a better antenna/range.
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    Welcome to the Forum,chris! It is usually the antenna and not the Tx that is the problem. Here is a google link that will give you many ideas on how to do a simple upgrade to your radio antenna.

    Also check out members @Mike H. and @Jackson for more specific info on your radio. Although 100m is about the maximum line of sight distance to safely fly everyone always wants to improve those numbers. That's why this sight exists. Keep us posted and most importantly, have fun!
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    Haven't seen a specific X101 TX antenna mod. Open it up and post a pic so we can see what it has for an antenna.
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    I will do so soon! I'm pretty new to the hobby, so sorry if this question is silly. If I found another similar 2.4ghz tx with longer range would that be possible to work?
  5. Mike H.

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    Unless you know what the protocol is for the X101 its hard to say what, if any other transmitters are compatible...The good news is, the protocol is deviation compatible meaning, if you wanted a more hobby grade radio, the Walkera DEVO 7E can be programmed to fly it with but, its not easy to program for the most part and may require a different module soldered inside the radio as well.

    100m is a pretty respectable distance for a toy quad although some get near 200m or even more....If you are getting under 100m , i see no reason why an antenna mod woudn't possibly help to get you that 100m range or more.

    They all have a "fake" antenna on the radios and simply adding a "real" one should help.

    Most can be improved using an RFL to SP Rma pigtail and a 2.4g +/- 5db antenna.
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    I didn't pay much attention to the topic, but I wanted to let you know you have good English. No errors.
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    hey guys i have a mjx x101 quadcopter and the left front motor keeps burning out i cant find the problem on the pcb board(receiver) so if i buy a new one do i have to buy a new radio transmitter or will the old one pair to it ?
  8. Jackson

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    It should work.
  9. Gyro Doctor

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    With regards to the MJX X-101 Quad and it's Transmitter:

    I bought the X101 and also had a problem with the limited range which, for me, actually topped out at about 85 meters (depending on height, which I attributed to the Fresnel zone). After exceeding about 100 meters one day I wound up parked in a tall pine tree for a few days. After finally retrieving my quad, checking it out, and flying it again for a while the front left motor on mine also quit. After opening it up I found a trace on the PCB had fried completely in two! I repaired that with some wire but the motor still wouldn't run. Swapping the motor's wires on the board indicated it was the board and not the motor, so I ordered another controller board (receiver and four ESC all in one).
    After installing the new PCB it paired up just fine so I can assure you you'll have no problem there. :)

    Delighted by finally having my quad back (after waiting for the slow boat from China) I determined to do an antenna mod to boost it's range. I salvaged the antenna and cable from an old broken 2.4 GHz router I had laying around, but you can find the parts just about anywhere for dirt cheap. The "antenna looking piece" on the transmitter is actually nothing at all (it's empty) and the ACTUAL antenna is just hot glued to the inside bottom of the case. Split the case, remove the fake piece (some more hot glue found there) and original antenna, then solder the cable to the PCB and run it to the spot where the fake piece was. THIS is the hardest part of the whole mod: If you don't care, you can just epoxy or hot glue the helloutta the connector into the case and be done. Personally, I think that's kinda cheesy so I took the time to file on a washer and made a mounting adapter. Find a washer the same size (or close) as the bottom of the fake piece. You'll have to drill or file the hole to the right size for the SMA connector's threads to fit through and also file two small notches, exactly opposite each other, so the case will close completely. There are two protrusions in the case that make the rim the pieces fit into (the fake piece and the new mounting plate) which keeps everything from spinning. All this will become much more clear once you're actually looking at it all. With a standard 2 dB antenna I now get about 220 meters. If you are buying parts to do this then get a 5 dB antenna and you should hit the 300 meter mark easily.
    That is well beyond line of sight ! ;)

    DO WATCH the YouTube videos about antenna mods before trying this, even though they're not directly addressing this particular radio.

    Finally, I have a question myself: My X-101 having decided to fly away to parts unknown (as they are want to do after going out of range) leaves me with this nicely modded transmitter but no bird to fly it by. I've decided to upgrade to 250 FPV quads and, not having the money for both a new Taranis X9D Plus (non-negotiable) AND a new quad too, can I use this MJX GR245 with either a Naze 32 or even better the Pro F3 through the X8R receiver ?

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