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Discussion in 'Experimentation' started by Alan, Dec 30, 2016.

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    All right...I am new here and I have some thoughts on MY ideal quad. I would love any and all feed back, product details and ideas from any one out there. so here it is.
    Ideally, I like the size of small to mid copters. Basic X, with not "too" big of a prop.
    Now what I would really like to do is have something very "round" for usabillity. Examples being possibly smart phone/tablet flight control. With FPV capability, obviously using some goggles much like FPV racing. I also want to be able to have all manual controls with a fancy controller. Now I need to have all of the gadgets for GPS as well. I want a home location, follow me features, programed flight paths and the works. My build will be for my airsoft games. If that wraps it up better for anyone. If I "CAN" build something as close as possible to what I imagine. It would have one or two extra added things. With the use of a great FPV camera on the front, have an attached lazer. I am working the idea of an airsoft AEG gun, stripped down to mount on such a drone. So with those two extra features I could fire at will Via drone. This is my predator style Call Of Duty personal drone. please let me know what you think i need the help...thanks.
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