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Discussion in 'Tiny Whoops & Other Micro Quads' started by jamesnater, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. jamesnater

    jamesnater Well-Known Member

    I recently was inspired to get into fpv quads and have started out with a Storm SRD101

    It's been 3 weeks and several motors and props later, I'm looking at getting this thing to move faster!

    Are there any known places to buy upgraded micro motors, or even micro tri-blade props between 55mm - 60mm with 1mm shafts?

    Here's how it flies right now.

    The "stock" storm motors in it are upgraded, they seem to use the same power as these http://micro-motor-warehouse.com/collections/hubsan-x4/products/cl-0720-14

    I bought a normal set of hubsan x4 (h107L) motors (7mm x 20mm coreless, brushed) by mistake, and that sucked, then I found micro motor warehouse and got my power back! (And they ship way faster than the storm ones that ship from HK).

    I have a set of 60mm props coming in as well to see if they fit and fly differently. So I'll post here the results of that and where I got them.

    I also heard about using different battery connectors to with less resistance to put more efficient power to the motors, but haven't looked into what kind are best.

    And what about batteries? I'm using a 3.7v 380mah 25c currently. Would a 30C 500mah give more punch and still last about 3-4min?
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    Hi mate Coreless motors are about as good as they come for there size bigger will be better but then you will not get them to fit in the frame , your need to start to look at a brushless 250 racer this will get your heart racing
    going from a 25 to a 30c will give a little more punch if the motors are not at max already , the mah jump will give you a long flight time
    To work out if a motor will be better look at the KV this is the rpm per 1 volt put in so the ones you linked will give you 14,000 per volt 51,800 max rpm on a 3.7 volt battery
  3. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    I doubt it, but note there is more to getting a good battery than just manufacturer's specs.

    You may want to peruse more of his vids, a true master of the micro.
  4. jamesnater

    jamesnater Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the quick replies guys! I'm learning!

    So it looks like I have the fastest 7mm x 20mm motors available right now so perhaps I'll just deal with it for now.

    I have an Eachine Wizard x220 ARF kit, but have been having trouble binding the rx to tx. Radio link r6ds to Radio link At9. That I will ask about in another thread or something though and provide more detail on what's happening.

    Regarding the micro though...

    There is an oscillation problem I'm having when hovering. It looks like one of the motors vibrates, flexing/shaking with the frame at the motor mount like crazy then corrects itself and stabilizes after half a second. It does this pretty often, and the noise it makes is not healthy sounding at all. Any ideas to fix this? It does this with NEW props too.
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  5. Jackson

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  6. jamesnater

    jamesnater Well-Known Member

    I saw that, but they also ship from overseas.

    I noticed my fc has the ability to run 2s batteries if I jumper the spot for it and disable 1s.

    I may do that in the future haha

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