micro quad

  1. T

    Micro Arduino based quadcopter questions

    Sitting here staring at the remains of a micro knock-off rc-helicopter toy, currently being powered by the output from an Arduino Uno as the Lipo died a while back, and I started wondering: Could I create a micro quadcopter, between 30-80g, small enough to fit in a hand, using an Arduino Nano...
  2. jamesnater

    Micro Mods and Upgrades?

    I recently was inspired to get into fpv quads and have started out with a Storm SRD101 It's been 3 weeks and several motors and props later, I'm looking at getting this thing to move faster! Are there any known places to buy upgraded micro motors, or even micro tri-blade props between 55mm -...
  3. G

    Good starter FPV micro quad

    Hello, I’m interested in trying FPV quad racing but I’m not ready to invest alot of time or money into it until I have tried it out first to make sure that I’m going to enjoy it. I have been looking for a cheap and easy to setup RTF micro quad to practice with. Below is a list of micro quads...