How to connect Eachine Falcon 250 Pro to FS IA6 receiver and start the motors?

Discussion in 'RTF Modification & Repair' started by DaveSM, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. DaveSM

    DaveSM New Member

    I recently bought from Banggood the Eachine Falcon 250 >

    and before that I got the FlySky transmitter with FS IA6 receiver again from the same shop > , as separate orders, not assembled.

    It is my first quadcopter, there is lack of info on how to connect these exact models of parts to each other, and I'm confused...

    I really can't understand how to connect the cables from inside the drone, to the receiver. I can't find the same case described anywhere on the web with exactly the same cables, so I tried with what I supposed is correct.

    Here's a photo:

    I installed the required software to connect the quadcopter to my laptop, incl. CleanFlight and connected successfully, flushed with the latest version and am able to setup things in the program.

    I can start the motors via CleanFlight, all lights are reacting when moving the right joystick of the FlySky transmitter, the transmitter itself is showing the left joystick to function properly, but for some reason, I can't start the motors using the transmitter. I tried pulling the left joystick down and to the left, and any other option available using each of the joysticks and the switches above, but I can't start the motors using the receiver.

    Any help is much appreciated!
  2. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    I assume you went through the bind procedure with your RX. With that RX you will running PWM.

    Skip ahead to ~ 27 minutes, I think this is the FCB you have.

  3. DaveSM

    DaveSM New Member

    Thanks man,

    my problem was actually a wrong Receiver mode setting. The correct setting is RX_PARALLEL_PWM

  4. I am having almost same problem. This isn't my first quad, but I can't get it working. I had a falcon 180 that just quit working suddenly. So I bought the 210 and moved my camera,vtx, and everything from the 180 to the 210. I have tried several different ways to connect my receiver Via, PPM, PWM, SBUS, IBUS. And nothing works on my transmitter in cleanflight under transmitter tab. My motors will spin via cleanflight. But I don't see any movement on my sticks via cleanflight. I see my LED'S change colors when I move my sticks but like I said. Nothing shows in CLFLGHT configurator. I don't know what else to try. Please Help
  5. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    And what is this mystery TX/RX?
  6. I am not sure. I have bought a few different Eachine Bind in fly drones. This one I just can't seem to get to work with transmitter correctly.
  7. I am still kinda new to building them. I actually went backwards for most people. I started flying first and now am starting to build. Starting to get the hang on Cleanflight and Betaflight. On the Transmitter tab I don't see any movement on my sticks. And In the PID tab I don't see the throttle moving
  8. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    Time to get sure, how the heck can someone offer any constructive advice without some basic details. How do you expect to build something without knowing exactly what you have to work with?
  9. I know what parts I have, I just don't know apparently how to hook them up correctly. I have the same setup as in the picture. I have all my wires connected. I've successfully binded the transmitter, but the sticks won't show up in the transmitter tab in cleanflight. Can't unlock motors or get to spin. I have a flysky 6 channel transmitter. an fs-1a6b receiver. I have two other racers that work fine with this setup. I don't know why I can't get this one. Sorry it's kind of hard to explain when you have some knowledge, but mostly theoretical.
  10. But if you didn't truly want to help, then why chime in at all?
  11. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    Check out some build videos on YouTube. There is loads of em. If the modes is set up in CF make sure they are set on the right auxiliary channels. On the Tx.
    eg aux1 on swd which would be the arming switch. Aux2 on swc which is modes on 3 position switch. Make sure the ranges are set also. There is tons on YT obput this.

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