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    Hi all,

    Today I put together my first quadcopter, and since all was working well I thought i'd try installing an e-flite servoless payload release mechanism

    Currently everything lights up but the payload release mechanism won't work when I trigger it on my radio. It definitely is receiving a signal as it "clicks" and flashes when I flick the assigned switch on the radio but no movement occurs....

    Could this be a case of not enough power to the payload release, a setting on my radio, or have I not set this up correctly at all? The manual says "Modify the channels travel adjust value to 100% to trigger the device using the switch" but i'm not sure what that means. Can't find any threads or videos on this either!

    Attached an image of the setup:
    - CC3D connected to an X8R receiver via SBUS.
    - The X8R is connected to the Payload Releaser via channel 8.
    - I have setup my Taranis X9D and the X8R for the full 16 channels (8 on SBUS and 8 on the PWM pins) so the drone is controlled through SBUS and the payload release via PWM

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