[Fun] Can’t Sleep? Use DJI Goggles! (drone underg repairs so I got bored)

Discussion in 'FPV Systems' started by Raincast, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Raincast

    Raincast Member

    Hey, my Mavic is out for repairs and so I got bored and decided to do this very short clip. Enjoy!
  2. Gyro Doctor

    Gyro Doctor Electronics Tech for 45 years

    :rolleyes: ... LOL
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  3. Classic
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  4. Raincast

    Raincast Member

    Thanks for viewing this nonsense!
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  5. Raincast

    Raincast Member

    Thanks for watching!
  6. yay

    yay Well-Known Member

    for more fun, turn the camera on and point it at the monitor ... analog video feedback is waaay more fun than you'd expect..
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  7. Raincast

    Raincast Member

    Lol can't sleep that way!

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