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first time flyer

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by yay, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. yay

    yay Well-Known Member

    lost one cw prop too many. ran into wall, blade disappeared. don't ask how. the universe's way of telling me to wait until i can learn on one that isn't all messed up.
  2. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Summer's over, where's my thumbless gloves

    Oh shiiitt here he goes again...
    You would think he would get himself a hobby, instead of writing posts all day.
  3. yay

    yay Well-Known Member

    this is cool except one thing is don't you kind of feel like wile e. coyote waiting for your kit.
  4. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Summer's over, where's my thumbless gloves

    Yeah I'll give you that. It's about the first proper thing you have said.
    Welcome to the forum.
  5. ArmyVet

    ArmyVet Well-Known Member

    So, you are a British Subject? As they used to say??
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  6. yay

    yay Well-Known Member

    nah not relly :) i've held passports for (counts) four! english speaking nations and spent most of my life in tucson. whereever i go people think i'm from someplace else.

    nixed thoughts on piano wire, at least just piano wire, as it's a pita to join. looked into 3d printing (must have been living under a rock) and looks like it only costs a couple bucks from majors like shapeways, so currently mulling plastic mounts and snapping them together with lengths of wire. i'd like to prototype the rollover cage et c., easy and cheap to do for small builds.

    just blabbing... if i wasn't posting here, i'd have to face the reality of a 120 degree daytime.. it was 91 at the airport at 3:30am in the morning... crazy heat.
  7. ArmyVet

    ArmyVet Well-Known Member

    Okay, people in Tuscon, don't usually use the word "kit" as the Brits do. Reason I asked. I knew some Aussie Mates in Fort Lewis who referred to their equipment as "kit". Great bunch of men!
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  8. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Summer's over, where's my thumbless gloves

    Nose like a bloodhound.
  9. yay

    yay Well-Known Member

    so i haven't posted. some days ago i went outside on a hot evening as my piloting was getting better and watched as the throttle lifted it up to about twenty feet, where i found that it didn't matter what i did, it was gonig to continue to go east. very hot record temps here lately i guess. though the trees were still.

    the battery died after about two minutes i guess because i was trying to keep it in the air against what i presume was the wind.

    so i ordered a bigger quadcopter and put fpv on it and sent that out with a hooked wire on it to retrieve my e011 stuck on someones' roof. once it got hooked it didn't have the power to lift off and they both got trapped there. they don't seem to have noticed.

    so the task is to build a quad to retrieve the sum of both previous quads with optimised budgeting. i think prioritising economy is best because it potentiates a scenario of a progressively larger series of quadcopters being stuck there.

    i mean i wouldn't want to get to seven or eight because if they came out the door at the same time and this giant quadcopter came down out of the sky and blocked out the sun. if that wasn't enough, then it landed on your roof and flew off dangling a chain of progressivly tinier quadcopters it would be so surreal to an extent that it could shock someone and be really disturbing. "what were they doing up there? how long had this been going on and i didn't notice?" i don't think you'd be able to explain it afterwards like a unique raw experience.
  10. Gyro Doctor

    Gyro Doctor Electronics Tech for 45 years

    :rolleyes: ... Just fashion a grappling hook of sorts, with a line, to toss onto the roof then pull those quads down ... I actually made myself a pretty cool setup for retrieving my quad from the tall pine trees where I often fly ... It's a fishing reel, with just a sinker on the end of it's line, mounted onto a cane with a slingshot to get high enough up to snag and drag my quad out of the branches ;)
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  11. yay

    yay Well-Known Member

    wile ecoyote v2.0

    that's like an electric coyote. the wilin part you either get or don't

    second e011 arrived today, my skills didn't improve in the interim. gonna cork it as i want to be a *lot* better at this than i am, holding altitude while adjusting heading or velocity on the e011 is a real challenge. i figure once i have that level of manual control, i'll be good with other machines. now that i've got two controllers sometime i'm gorna see if i can extend the joysticks on one of them.

    another thing that occured to me,

    i'm left handed. on one of my last flights with the last machine i subconsciously picked up my controller and started using it with the hands reversed. frustrating. so i'm totally waiting on the restock to order one with the type I controllers instead of the type II. (as said, inside the controllers is like a dozen points to solder to swap sticks, too many for me. will have to get a "proper" Tx sometime.)
  12. yay

    yay Well-Known Member

    ran a few batteries outside in very gentle winds. having a place to fly without obstacles (ceilings, walls) is immensely better for training as you're not constantly having to adjust for your adjustments to avoid them. but e011 cannot handle wind.. i'd say 3-5 mph is enough to cancel out thrust and lose your drone. but i'm finding that experience flying in wind helps.

    deserts aren't the best place to learn to fly. when it goes down it hits sand, cactus or creosote, acacia et c. and everything snags. anyway, i think i'm a better flyer than i was giving myself credit for after that, and not having to deal with "omg not the ceiling/floor" yoyo all the time.

    anyway. my enthusiasm for the e011 was borne by various indoor and outdoor videos, and i can now see that they must have had windless days. my ambition to have a small uav that can patrol outdoors supercedes the e011. at present, i'm looking at the lt105 as it handles wind better and has altitude functions. given the price, it may be a better package than building from parts. not sure yet. maybe something between there and the arfun 95, i'd prefer to sacrifice some speed for flight time and manoeuverability. and now that i'm out of the e011 modding concept, i'm going to need a transmitter. lt105 + transmitter and monitor = easily over $200 already. sadly this 119f heatwave has cost me my $ for a while so i'm LOS for the time being.

    i found an old casio 2.5" "pocket television" which is kind of cool, the lcd screen can be backlit by the sun (or a removeable backlight) and the display is viewed on a mirror, so a little better in super bright sunlight than a bare lcd. it has continuous (seeking) digital tuning so not stuck on uhf channel freqs. i've seen someone mention using an old tv for fpv but no information on how.

    iirc i think the lt105 can be set for 25mw or 100mw (no exp. with tx/rx yet) so that would be good for patrolling the property and checking out high caves in canyons. any recs on comparable models appreciated. :)
  13. yay

    yay Well-Known Member

    yah i said i'd zip it but here i is, for completeness

    giving myself my pilot's licence today. here's how it went -

    early morning charges outside with wind as reported. when returing inside again (heat) i had of course chewed up my new props some more so replaced them all. next i observed my new e011 was making that rattling noise that the last one made after some time as well. so i troubleshot that (hover in front of face) and eventually discerned that when not in use, rattling the uav to find which motors are loose produced the same timbre. still experimenting with that, but it appears that one of the motors is less rattly when pushed up a little and such.

    indoors my altitude hold is getting better, and i can generally avoid crashing and put the thing where in space i want it, holding altitude while turning, turn circles of various radii. last exercise is moving laterally while turning, eg. to move in a wide circle while facing the center. not useful for racing but for camera, manouevers and interaction. so i feel i'm finally one up from crud after 3 hours flight time and starting to develop acuities finer than avoiding the ceiling.

    the reason i note these is for the folks with more time than money... keeping your machine in good condition helps to learn with it. the typical dumb mistakes each can cost performance, which reduces your ability to refine your skills.

    eg. people are always talking about motors et c. getting hot, the e011 never seemed to at first. but now i feel my motors after each flight..... this tells me how much lint is wound around each one.. yes, i actually found that one got much hotter after it seemed to be off and it had the most hair. so in a pet/human abode, keeping the props removeable on your first machine is a good idea (eg. firm but not too firm), until you stop slamming into carpet et c. and picking up all the fuzz. truth.
  14. yay

    yay Well-Known Member

    successfully applied the e011 to removing an unwanted visitor this morning, so quick from licence to service. just the tips of the mesquite were gently bobbing so i'd say 2 mph winds, it took a bit of work to head against it at higher altitudes, but managed to send it out and bring it back. ++good.

    one of the basics of combat emphasised with aerial elements is to move between the opposition and the sun. i believe japanese ww2 pilots are often noted for this, doves do it, and they are basically winged gangbangers. note the long, perimeter recon flights they do.

    another aerial technique from the animal world, years ago i pissed off a magpie (i rescued a grounded baby magpie that had wandered into his territory) who repeatedly strafed from behind, managed to graze the top of my head (drawing blood) on one pass ... and made several more attempts to do so (getting hit with sticks not sufficient deterrence).

    wings give the ability to glide silently, and for non-simulation/race scenarios, they would add this facility to a quad.

    anyway. despite not needing it this morning, i'm really missing that always-lands-up rollcage on these mini and micro builds, so that's next while i wait for the dosh for a bigger quad. also been salivating looking at servos. once i got a decent service quad in the air, i'm building things that walk, run and jump. i've been waiting for this for decades.
  15. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Summer's over, where's my thumbless gloves

    Well stone me. My dad told me a similar story, when he was a teenager living in Australia he went near a magpies nest & it attacked him cutting his head. He came back to P. O. M. E. land & I was born in this dump. But walk run jump you sound like a black project like
    D. A. R. P. A.
  16. yay

    yay Well-Known Member

    you're likely to suss i can talk stuff i've lived through all day no one is ever going to believe. we're all black projects if you have attention to notice. sad world nowadays what the "mongers" do. i've met a lot of folks that are actually someone or some thing's pet project, including national and int'l orgs. state of the world.

    tech is bloody easy. everything is bloody easy when you know how. PID is PID. same budget range to build as drones, my parts list looks around $150. but really i'm thinking legs are pretty obsolete beyond affecting style. one of these days ima do some more whittlin too.

    about the best friend i've had in tech is herb schildt's c++ books (used to be free from microsoft). so many buggers have their ego "or whatever" in the way of clear writing. eg. if microsoft's book on windows had been written by schildt instead of petzold, there would be like 100x as many people writing windows software today. jesus wept.
  17. yay

    yay Well-Known Member

    all the stupid stuff i write here has piled up upon piles which is pretty typical, usually, for whatever field i'm interested in, there's a forum with an orderly, white colour scheme...

    ...the users are generally knowledgeable and the smaller volume creates a favourable signal to noise ratio which of course invariably suffers from my enthusiasm for the benefits of synergy in data exchange, transforming good intent into a perception of pure malice. lucky me, so good i'm evil.

    just verified a thought i had.... saguaro cactus ribs for spars. 6" sample (say 155mm) 10mm high 16mm wide weight 10 grams..!, samples vary... it's kind of lightweight like balsa, you could push your thumbnail into it if you really wanted to, but generally the denseness and rigidity (this is a cactus rib in 110 degrees....) are really in line. this 6" section wouldn't dent or ding if you threw it as hard as you like all day, it certainly won't fracture. and it has enough volume to be shaved down some.

    i have all kinds of interesting, tough natural materials around here to play around with (i was thinking agave stalks earlier but cactus skeletons do lots of interesting shapes and densities). only "drawback" is total lack of respect.. if i posted pics or video of a quad built out of cactus sticks it would only add to the concept that i'm a total mentalist. unfortunately, respect is kinda good to have in a field where you're trying to find stuff out about components.

    so now htf do i get some 1104s on the end of these things. hard to source as well.. took a bit of walking until i found a specimen that was fresh (the sun turns them to dust real fast) from a lightning strike. i figure that would be good juju for a drone.

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