Emax Tinyhawk Brushless FPV Racing drone review

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    Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

    Emax Tinyhawk review. This Emax Tinyhawk Brushless FPV Racing drone review includes unboxing, inspection, setup, binding, betaflight settings, indoor & outdoor flight tests. Flight action starts at: 14:30 .

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    My two cents on the tinyhawk. I have always been interested in a brushless whoop that it is easy to take anywhere. I love my Lizard95, baby hawks, torrents, and the smallest is a 65mm. I wanted something more durable than my 65mm build and more power. Kept my eye on the tinyhawk and finally took the plunge. I ordered the RTF version for 165 from eBay and the seller came up with an excuse and didn’t ship it. The price went up to 200, and for sure left negative feedback. So I ordered just the drone from Amazon and a DYS Elf Tx. Come to find out it came from the same seller on eBay, an Emax dealer. When the drone arrived the drone was missing. I returned and reordered and this time everything was there. However, there was no video output from the drone. By now, I’m really ticked off. Took it all apart and come to find out the positive wire to the camera had a cold solder joint. Got it fixed, retweaked settings, and it is perfect.

    Plenty of power, especially for 1s, and can take a beating. I added a buzzer but then realized that the ESC was Dshot capable and removed the buzzer. Not sure why oneshot was originally set in betaflight. I checked with BLHeli and they were flashed with latest firmware. Now, one thing I didn’t like was the fact that only Frsky was a choice for Rx. I prefer DSM but in this case, I was happy with FRsky since they have tiny Txs. I wanted the X-Lite but not for the money. The DYS Elf Tx is perfect. Small enough and just the right features.

    Pros: plenty of power and perfect size for both indoor/outdoor flying, durable, nice carrying case, betaflight

    Cons: props won’t turtle, camera not adjustable (needs to tilt down for slower indoor flying), needs longer power cable (easy fix), VTX antenna hidden within canopy
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