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  1. V

    NEED HELP, Turnigy/tiny whoop bind issue

    Hi guys, Not sure if this is where I should be posting but I've been working on a Tiny Whoop build for months now and can't figure out how to bind my Turnigy Evolution with it. I'm quite new to the hobby and have only successfully built a full size FPV Quadcopter, so this will be my first Tiny...
  2. BillM-RC

    Happymodel Mobula6 review - 65mm 19000kv Brushless 1S FPV Whoop Racing Drone

    Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts Mobula6 review - In this Mobula 6 review I include unboxing, inspection, features, binding, betaflight settings, vtx setting, battery bay mod, fpv flight & duration on an indoor Tiny Whoop race track. You can get this Happymodel Mobula6 65mm Crazybee F4...
  3. BillM-RC

    L6082 Air Genius 3-in-1 review -Tiny Whoop, Whoover & Micro Glider

    Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts L6082 Air Genius review. In this L6082 review, I include unboxing, inspection, functions, features, setup, performance & duration tests.
  4. Gadget Inspector

    Turtle Mode Props + Project Mockingbird = Leveled up Tinyhawk!

    Out of the box the Tinyhawk won't flip over in turtle mode and flight performance can feel sluggish without some tweaking in Betaflight. I switched my props and applied project mockingbird settings and this thing is on a whole 'notha level. Great performance from a 1s brushless whoop.
  5. BillM-RC

    Emax Tinyhawk Brushless FPV Racing drone review

    Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts Emax Tinyhawk review. This Emax Tinyhawk Brushless FPV Racing drone review includes unboxing, inspection, setup, binding, betaflight settings, indoor & outdoor flight tests. Flight action starts at: 14:30 .
  6. BillM-RC

    NEW Eachine Vwhoop90 Brushless Tiny Whoop / Tiny Whoover 2-in-1 COMING SOON

    Hi fellow pilots & rc enthusiasts NEW Eachine Vwhoop90 Brushless Tiny Whoop / Tiny Whoover 2-in-1 COMING SOON.
  7. CK_32

    Tiny7x wont fly

    Ok so last week I purchased a LDARC / KingKong Tiny 7x to let me practice FPV before I build my 5" race quad. I got the Rx and Tx to bind as far as I can tell but when I go to fly it just sits there blinking. FPV food works fine. i have a FrSky Taranis QX7, the tiny 7 has the XM receiver. Do...
  8. BillM-RC

    Eachine M80S Tiny Whoop Micro FPV racing drone review - best for beginners

    Hi fellow pilots & rc enthusiasts Eachine M80S review.This Eachine M80S RTF Tiny Whoop Micro FPV Racing drone review includes unboxing, inspection, setup and a peek under the hood. This 600TVL FPV 25mw 5.8ghz 48 ch, 3 flight modes, RTF drone also has a button to rollover or invert it back...
  9. Gadget Inspector

    REALACC JJRC H36 - The One Millionth and One Video

    There are already a million videos out there on this or some variation of it, so this is video one million and one. Another inexpensive Inductrix clone. This one is ready for whoop conversion or just to zip around stock. I made a strange discovery when I changed batteries. The Eachine 150mah...
  10. Jackson

    Things are changing fast...

    Looks pretty sweet. http://www.banggood.com/KINGKONG-TINY7-75mm-Micro-FPV-Quacopter-With-720-Brushed-Motors-Baced-on-F3-Brush-Flight-Controller-p-1134636.html
  11. Gadget Inspector

    Study Break with the Eachine E010 - Whoop Whoop!

    This little E010 is legit. Mounted an FX798T camera, removed the camera casing and I'm getting about 4-minutes of solid flight time.
  12. Street