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Discussion in 'Tiny Whoops & Other Micro Quads' started by Mike, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. Mike

    Mike =) Admin

    As some may know, one thing I've been into quite a bit lately (like everyone else) is the tiny whoop / micro / indoor quad craze. Things have already blown up and I assume with winter coming up, this will be an even more developed area of the hobby, so I went ahead and created a new area of the forum dedicated to it.

    Currently, this is my setup:


    On the left is an eachine e010 w/ Chaloli 55000rpm "fast" motor upgrade and FX FX798T camera/tx.

    On the right is my original Inductrix w/ "fast" motor upgrade (MMW and/or generic from Ebay - I forget now, but they are all the same mostly.) and RMRC cricket cam/tx. For this guy, I actually bought a DX6i because HobbyKing was fresh out of orangerx dsmx modules.

    For FPV, I have fat shark's, but I actually mostly use Turnigy/Quanum goggles because I wear glasses. And I have a Lumenier RX5GDR 40CH 5.8G AV Diversity Receiver that I run with them. It's actually a lot of wires and crap, so I'll probably upgrade my goggles soon to something with everything built in (including DVR). I might try the eachine VRD2. No sense in buying more fat shark goggles since the diopter inserts don't do much for my horrible vision and I like to be able to see when I fly FPV!

    Anyway - these are a BLAST to fly around the house and even outside when it's not too windy.

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  2. RENOV8R

    RENOV8R Well-Known Member

  3. Mike

    Mike =) Admin

    That's a funny looking little quad! Are you going to fly with that toy tx that comes with it? This fits in a JR module bay and supports some MJX stuff so you can fly with your hobby grade tx:

    I'm not sure if that will support that model exactly, but Goebish is pretty responsive/helpful.

    Which do you like better between the Carbon-H and the Reggae Shark? Both are 135mm brushed, right? Do you fly indoors at all with those?

    The smallest thing I have besides my micro/tiny quads is a 250. I was thinking of building something around 135mm soon though since it's kind of the best of both worlds. The tiny stuff can't handle a lot of wind.
  4. RENOV8R

    RENOV8R Well-Known Member

    I'm not too concerned about using a decent radio with the goofy quad, I'm more curious about what frequency the VTX puts out and if it will link up with my goggles. That would be cool.

    As for the RS & Carbon-H, they both have their pros and cons. The Carbon-H is pretty tight to fit things but it flies nicer than the Reggae. But the Reggae is super tough. But yeah, they're pretty big for indoor, they will cause damage. One has the SciSky board and the other the SPRacing F3 brushed with DSM2 receivers and are both flashed with BetaFlight which is pretty sweet.
  5. Wildwelder

    Wildwelder Well-Known Member

    I have a Virhuck Volar 360 that i fly around my living room. Its about an inch and a half prop to prop. So much fun and its great practice too as all the controls are the same as my bigger quads. 16 bucks on amazon. I recommend it to anyone.
  6. tylorwashere

    tylorwashere Well-Known Member

    Hey mike, it's been awhile since I've been on here and I actually just destroyed a brand new inductrix board soldering 8.5mm motors to the pins on top of the board, let's just say I'm pretty upset. I did think of you right away though, and I'm glad to see this forum is still up and running.

    Do you have an inductrix board you would be willing to sell? I was using a hubsan clone board on my wisp but I wanted to try out an inductrix board because I like the way they fly. if not can you recommend another board that might fly similar to it? I'm not really looking forward to spending another 40 bucks on a bind and fly inductrix
  7. Mike

    Mike =) Admin

    Nice! That will make a good Christmas gift for some people this year.
  8. Mike

    Mike =) Admin

    I don't. Assuming you're looking for something that runs dsmx? There is the beebrain. Everyone swears by it, but it's $49.99.

    eachine already cloned it. That one is $31.99 on banggood and their shipping is typically faster than I expect.

    Both also come in a frsky variant.
  9. tylorwashere

    tylorwashere Well-Known Member

    Have you had your hands on either of them? I just want to know how easy they will be to solder to. the hubsan clone board was easy, but the inductrix one was just very small pins with little room for error
  10. Mike

    Mike =) Admin

    I haven't had either, but I just soldered motors to the e010 board, which has very tiny pins. I'm not the best at soldering and I was successful in removing the old motor wires and soldering on all 8 new motors wires... and then having to switch two of them because for some reason one of the stock motors had its wire coloring swapped. Anyway, I used to have a terrible time soldering anything with precision, even with a B or I series tip. I've found that these two products help a LOT:

    These babies keep the tip very clean and tinned, which makes precision work a lot easier.

    It also helps to put some solder on the pad and the wire separately, then put them together and put the tip between them to make the connection.

    This is the e010 board:

    It uses a proprietary tx/rx protocol though. You can get a module for it though from Goebish:
  11. RENOV8R

    RENOV8R Well-Known Member

    I've been doing a lot of soldering on tiny boards lately. I was also struggling but went to Lenscrafters and got a $5 pair of 2X magnifying reading glasses. It made the task a thousand times easier.
  12. Mike

    Mike =) Admin

    Good thinking. I use a magnifying glass and it always gets in the way.
  13. maddmaxx

    maddmaxx Member

    I'm new here but will be spending a lot of time in this new section. I currently have an Inductrix FPV which has been modified with Racetec fast motors (still 6mm) and the racetec camera mount. Removing the stock canopy/fuselage resulted in about 1 1/2 gram weight improvement and the new motors have improved the poor sink rate response of the originals. I know that Blade says these birds have improved motors from the original Inductrix but even they can be improved on. Flight times now are around 3 minutes (up from 2 1/2 on the original motors) with 210ma Crazy Pony batteries. I'm just learning to fly FPV and will probably use this quad for most of this winter's practice.
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  14. Gadget Inspector

    Gadget Inspector Be good to somebody and be good to yourself.

    Nice to see the E010 there. Here's mine. I have an FX798T camera mounted without the case and I've been getting about 4-minutes flight time.
  15. Mike

    Mike =) Admin

    These are great for FPV practice! They really get you comfortable with staying calm as video starts to cut out and things like that. Also after training your instincts to tell your fingers where to move the sticks in various line of sight situations, FPV takes some getting used to. I thought these would be great for winter flying, but I found myself flying them a lot during the summer. The best was getting some flights in on the porch while I had a beer and BBQ'd. I can't do that with my bigger stuff because I live in a condo.
  16. Mike

    Mike =) Admin

    Nice! Are you using the stock battery still? There's a blog post I saw where a guy tried different batteries and said the stock battery actually got him the longest flight times, even with a camera mounted. I heard something similar for the inductrix from a guy who works for Venom Power. He said in his inductrix, he got better flight times with a 180mAh vs a 210.

    Also - what are you using for DVR to record your flights?

    Nice flying!
  17. Gadget Inspector

    Gadget Inspector Be good to somebody and be good to yourself.

    Yep, I probably had the stock 180mah in there for this flight. I usually get a solid 4-minutes, but I also have some turnigy 260mah and I get about 5.5 - 6-minutes. The stock batteries seem to stay strong longer though if that makes any sense.

    I have the Eachine VR007 goggles; they were only $49.99 and do not come with a DVR. I actually bought a cheap DVR and soldered it on to the VR007's. It was pretty easy actually and it works great.
  18. Mike

    Mike =) Admin

    That does make sense. Once you start losing voltage with the heavier batteries, things probably get a lot more sluggish than with the smaller batteries.

    Nice on the FPV setup. I just finally gave in and ordered something with a DVR, so I'm pretty excited.
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  19. maddmaxx

    maddmaxx Member

    It seems that the tiny whoop sized FPV craft is more stable indoors due to the lower downdraft. My NanoQX2 moves around a lot more because of the draft it creates that bounces off of adjacent furniture and walls. I'm slowly learning to adjust what I'm looking at. At first altitude was the problem as I was having difficulty judging height. It's like learning to fly all over again.

    As an aside, I just picked up a bit of knowledge at the store I worked at about the Inductrix FPV. Because I was getting 2 1/2 minute flights in stock trim with any battery used I was told to contact Horizon Hobbies and describe the situation. It seems that some (not all) of the early releases of this kit have a problem on the controller board. They should be getting about 4 minutes flight time in stock trim. It's possible that if you've done everything right and have this persistent problem that Horizon will replace your control board.

    I'm using my non FPV Inductrix with the Rakon frame to work out some mixes between yaw and throttle to limit the sudden altitude changes due to yaw input. IMO this should help when "the bottom drops out" while making a turn.
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  20. Gadget Inspector

    Gadget Inspector Be good to somebody and be good to yourself.

    I have the original Nano QX and have been trying to catch a QX2 on eBay but those little buggers are hard to come by. Original price is too high IMHO. That little thing is an awesome flyer though.

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