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    This is my first time posting. I have a DJI Phantom 4 quadcopter for sale. It was purchased in January of 2017, so it is roughly 1 year old. The drone has seen low usage with only around 30 flights and has NEVER crashed. I have found nothing wrong with the quadcopter and always treated it gently. The only reason I am selling is because I would like to find something a little more compact for traveling, such as a Mavic.

    Here is what is in the package and its worth:

    Phantom 4 + Accessories: $1,200
    Extra Battery: $150
    Samsung Tablet E: $100
    Sandisk 64GB SD Card: $50
    DJI Propeller Guards: $20
    Total $1,520

    I would like $850 plus shipping for the whole package. Contact via PM or email (chrism@mitchelltelecom"dot"net).
    Reasonable offers will be accepted. I will also consider trades for a lightly used Mavic.

    IMG_20180131_115336709.jpg IMG_20180131_115426246.jpg IMG_20180131_115510437.jpg
    IMG_20180131_115538165.jpg IMG_20180131_115602570.jpg IMG_20180131_132101993.jpg


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