Check out the frame I am building (quadcopter)

Discussion in 'Build & Tune' started by photojunky, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. DuaneM

    DuaneM Drone? I don't see any drone ... crap!

    I am happy to see you get this drone in the air! Although your last flight was way funny! I was sorta of waiting for a zip tie to break during your maiden flight. I know, it's mean, but at least I'll learn from your mistakes ...

    I can't wait to get my first "built by me" drone in the air. I'm of course going a bit smaller, only 450. I got the frame in the mail and have it put together loosely so I can take it apart to do the soldering when I buy the other parts. I'm playing on eBay trying to get parts for dirt cheap from the Chinese. They like to put their shipping costs way up there and start dropping them as the bids get closer to what they really want for the parts. I found one that doesn't know how to play that game and I might have my motors faster than I thought!

    Girls and drones? I think my kid (she's 28) would probably love to fly one, but she would never buy one of her own. Rather crash Daddy's drone and let Daddy pay for it all.

    My wife is coming around to the idea of me getting a job in aerial photography, I have been showing her examples of it on TV commercials and TV shows and movies. She has even fit my new "hobby" into the monthly budget. So that means I may get to fudge the numbers a bit before she figures out how I got all the parts. I'm also selling a bunch of stuff on eBay, just waiting for that big money to come rolling in .....
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