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    Hello Pilots,

    I am a part 107 certified pilot in the US. The B4UFly app is telling me I have an airport nearby. It's a small, unpaved field that, as far as I know, is not in operation or has very minimal use. As a newbie to sectional charts, I am trying to find out if this airport is in controlled airspace and if I need to contact ATC like the app is telling me to. It is not on the sectional chart. What is the best way to determine the airspace around this airport, or should I just assume I am good since the airport is not listed on the chart?

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    By rule of thumb, and if this regards US Airports, the FAA is specific. No closer than 5 miles from an airport. Since you are a Part 107 Certified Pilot, you should know that and should not have to question it. If your app is telling you, I'd rely on its judgement of program. Don't assume anything, Al Capone thought that no one was looking until the IRS put him away for Income Tax Evasion.
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    There is a difference between towered and non-towered airports. I'd look back through your part 107 paperwork. I generally don't get permission for non-towered airports, however I usually only fly around an airport managed by the city (with permission) and around an Air Force base where I work in the Airspace and Offshore Management Office.

    Your mileage may vary, but I'd check to see if that airport has class G airspace around it. The airspace around it is whatever the sectional shows, so general rules don't always apply.
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    just dont interfere with first response operations and not to fly over 400 feet and like pops was saying if youre in the 5 mile radius, maybe you need to fly aq little away from the radius. Recreational pilots really don't give two hoots about any of that. You can fly recreationally and just stay below 400 and give way to all airplanes and choppers.
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