please help

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    Hi, I am planning to build on scrap my friends gave me. I was wondering if this will go well. Will this plan fly or toss to the bin? lol DJI f550 Frame (but only 4 blades) Tarot XYZ-M 254x140 props Turnigy D3530/14 1100KV motors 30Amps ESC 5000mah 25-35C 4 cell Radiolink AT9S complete trash or...
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    I AM AT MY WIT'S END! I have been trying to make my first tinywhoop(though I have successfully made several 5in racers) work for 4 months now and i am just at a loss for words. No matter what I change, it never has enough power to get more than 3 inches off the ground at full throttle. Here...
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    Brushed FC won't see motors or use accelorometer!

    Hey, Sven here, and I'm stumped. I'm using a Betafpv flight controller, and in Betaflight, the accelerometer isn't functioning. Also, when I go into the Motor tab and raise the "Master" slider, but none of the motor bars or motors move. I am so confused, please help!
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    Escs not working right.

    Hey, I’m working on a 5in miniquad and have just run into an issue. I just moved to Mystery 30a escs and I am having trouble with using them with Cleanflight. As far as I know from my searching, is that I need to select the PWM option on the motor protocol option, and I’ve been recalibrating...
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    just getting started.need help

    I just purchased a 3d x8 after calibrating and attempt to start up only three motors turn what could be wrong?