1. wafflejock

    Flying with Family and Friends

  2. wafflejock

    Dec 2018

    ^^ Think I missed clipping some things out, so it's sorta long but these are archive/sharing with whoever is interested anyway so I guess not a big deal. Second half is probably more entertaining than the first half but flying around in the snow was fun (forgot about the cold as soon as I was...
  3. clararscribner

    Do I need any special training before I can fly a drone?

    Do I need special training before fly a drone? I want to bought a drone for filming my city. I am from San Francisco, do i need any special training? If yes, where do I get the training near Ventura Drive? Any suggestion?
  4. clararscribner

    Can a child fly a drone?

    Is it safe for a child to fly a drone? As i know its hard to operate and need special training. Is it safe for children?
  5. B

    Flying with live video

    Hello Everyone! I am new to quadcopter's and know there is MUCH to learn about them. I have been flying my MJX x400 for about a month now and slowly getting better each day, but have not mastered it yet. My questions is with flying the drone by only looking at the live video stream. How? lol...
  6. raymon kroeze

    How to stay relaxed while flying | FPV freestyle | SMOOTH flying

    After my 'how to fly smooth' video I got a lot of comments and questions related to this. So I decided to make a video on this topic!
  7. raymon kroeze

    Long range flying with 2.4ghz RC link | FPV freestyle | VLOG

    For a long time I am wondering how far i can fly with my current setup. Last week when I visited this amazing spot I decided to try this out. I ended up flying a couple of hundreds of meters away from my self! Check out the entire VLOG!
  8. WolverineMachine

    Flying at Pioneer Park in Monroeville PA.

    We were going to rendezvous with "True Drone Reviews" Bryan Single today. We are going to do our first meet and greet with him, fly a little with the family, and trade some info and fun here at Pioneer Park, Monroeville, Pa. See what Momma Irdi has to do for her cub's flight mistake
  9. raymon kroeze

    FPV freestyle VLOG 4

    Last sunday I went to this local park. I haven't been here for months, but man this park is fun to fly. Beautiful weather and a empty park. What else could I wish on a sunday evening. At the end my friend David showed up. I sure knows how to make an entrance LOL [VIDEO]
  10. raymon kroeze

    Sunset smoothness FPV freestyle

    I love this spot during sunset!! So peaceful!
  11. raymon kroeze

    Day in the field FPV freestyle

    I went to a big field for a change instead of a big forest!
  12. raymon kroeze

    First VLOG || FPV freestyle

    Perfect summer days | FPV freestyle | VLOG #1 - This is the first VLOG I'v ever made. The last couple of weeks I was experimenting with this. But I think I will make more of these video's in the future. If you want to see more video's of me vlogging, let me know in the comments. Last week I met...
  13. raymon kroeze

    Forest flow FPV freestyle

    It's been a long time since i've been to this spot. I totally forgot how high those trees really are.
  14. raymon kroeze

    When the rain stops Cinematic freestyle flying

  15. raymon kroeze

    Cinematic forest freestyle

    Cinematic forest freestyle - I love flying in the woods. This is such a peaceful place to be. Last week I went back to this forest and I almost forgot how beautiful this place really is. So I will be spending more time here once again.
  16. DuaneM

    How High Am I?

    No it's not about drugs, sorry. Watch the video in full size.
  17. DuaneM

    Flying with multiple cameras!

    Hello All, I have been trying different cameras with different mounts and this video is one of my tests on a nice bright shiny day!
  18. J

    DroneX Racing Organization

    Starting a Drone Racing Organization called DroneX fairly new. Looking to kick off the racing seasons in August till November. Need some talented individuals to come be apart of my racing group. All races will offer a prize in cash, the amount is TBD. Have a Handbook for racing created but it...
  19. raymon kroeze

    Rippin' the local spot FPV freestyle

  20. S

    Blade Inductrix FPV

    Did I make a mistake by purchasing this as my first quad? I have the Specktrim DX6e transmitter and a few batteries and charger. It seems hard to fly. can not hover real well. smack the ceiling then hit the floor. drifts a lot. Ive tried trim adjustment as well as transmitter adjustments. By the...