1. R

    Help with controller issue please?

    Hi I was hoping someone can help me with my problem. I have a SHRC H1 quadcopter that's experiencing a problem. I follow the instructions to the letter. WITH CONTROLLER: • turn on drone and place on a level service. The lights underneath the drone flash very quickly. • turn on controller, lights...
  2. M

    I need help - motors don't react to RC?

    Hello everyone. I have purchased a replacement controller board for TinyHawk2 on Banggood. I thought is would be plug-and-fly.... But it doesn’t seem to work? I installed and connected the board the same way as the original board was - same motor wiring - just plugged them. When I plug the...
  3. D


    Hi I have a Huanqi 899B quadcopter. The controller doesn't power on and one of the control sticks (stick rocker?) is broken. So now I'm thinking of sourcing a new controller. I have heard that, typically, the controller needs a corresponding receiver on the quadcopter, so it's not as simple as...
  4. NBanks02


    I'm new to drones and I'm getting really frustrated with my wizard x220 rtf I've managed to bind the controller and drone but the controller isn't moving the drone, the motors won't even spin.. I've spent 2 days off trying to work it out, I've managed to connect it to the wizard to beta flight...
  5. Tink

    Control Setup Help

    Hey all, noob to the quad scene here. I'm in awe of many of the freestyle videos on youtube, and I'm inspired to give it a shot myself. Looking to purchase a quad fairly soon (I've got my eye on the eamachine wizard) but before I do that, I have a bit of a silly question pertaining to the...
  6. B

    Connecting receiver

    So I have a arris rtf drone and the fly sky FS-T6 controller. How do I connect the receiver with the drone? And how do I know what mode the receiver is? Is it PPM or am I understanding this completely wrong? Attached is a photo of the receiver. I can bind it but the drone keeps on beeping and...
  7. Carlos Faustino

    QUAD build FPV - need advice

    Hi there guys So, I'm building my first quad with some help but i would like other opinions specially from experienced people. So, by now, I already bought: Frame : Diatone Q450 v3 from Bangood Motors: Multistar Elite 2216 920KV Props: Multistar Propeller With DJI Fitting 10x4.5...
  8. Russelle KiFli

    My New Syma X5HW Won't synch with controller?

    Just bought this new Syma X5HW unpacked and assembled it and I was soo excited, but the kill joy here was when I tried to synch it with the transmitter/controller(Up-Down) the X5HW's leds still blinks while the Controller's light is steady?Is this busted or I'm missing something?Oh and the...
  9. C

    H501s controller only shows flashing Hubsan logo.

    I have a 501s controller that only show the Hubsan logo flashing. I get no messages or menu or video. I can still fly the copter and bind it but no matter what I do it never shows anything on the screen. I have upgraded firmware several time to see if that would fix it but no luck. any...
  10. Aquinas Hyacinth Toledo

    Syma X8G won't pair with transmitter. Help!

    I just bought a Syma X8G. Having trouble binding the quad to the transmitter. When I turn on the quad, it just keeps flashing fast LED flashes and won't go to the slower LeD flashes for me to start binding. Don't know what to do. I need it to be fixed now since I have to use it in about 4 hours :(
  11. A

    Hubsan H501S Controller Stopped Working

    Hi, I just got a Hubsan H501S quadcopter a week ago and it was working perfectly. Then, today, all of a sudden the joysticks on the controller just stopped working. I had taken it to the park and they were working, and then I was awaiting for the quad to get GPS and the joysticks just suddenly...