1. J

    How to reliably measure current battery level of a DIY drone?

    Hello, I'm building an autonomous drone with a Pixhawk and a Raspberry Pi on a F450 chassis, which starts and returns to it's home base by itself. For this project, I need to have a good estimate of the battery level. So far, I learned that the flight controller usually assumes a starting...
  2. flyboyfpv

    5 LIPO Battery Mistakes

    Just a refresher for those that need more information on LIPO batteries. Please hit the Like button if you found it informational. Thanks.
  3. R

    Battery Question/Problem

    Hi there, I own a T36S which I would categorize as mini whoop. The issue is the battery that came with the quad is a 250mah 45c and so i bought extra batteries which are 260mah 35c but all with losi connectors and the battery that came with the quad works perfectly fine but the battery i bought...
  4. Ruby

    Ovonic Memorial Day Sale: Buy 3 Get 1 Free for FPV Batteries

    Therefore, for the important Memorial Day, Ampow gives the best Memorial day sales 2019 and provides an Extreme Deal for RC hobby batteries. Good news for us Hobbyists! This activity will last 10 days from 27th May to 5th June. If you buy 3 packs of FPV batteries, you will get a free one.FPV...
  5. D

    Ni-Mh battery

    Hello, silly question, but what is the lowest voltage for a 2000mah 6cell 7.2 v Ni-Mh battery? Thank you in advance
  6. Cris

    Bugs 3 Batteries and Chargers

    Hiya Guys, I am brand new here and even worse a rookie with the Bugs 3..... I have just taken delivery of mine today. I am wanting more batteries and have already seen that people do not rate the charger that comes with the Bugs 3. So a very simple question.... What charger and battery...
  7. M

    questions about LiPo upgrade

    I'd like to upgrade my drone's LiPo from 3S to 4S. my configuration is: - 330mm frame - 8045 propellers - 2212 920Kv motors - 30A ESCs - 3S 4500mAh 30C LiPo (a little less than 280g) - weight around 970g I think now the battery is a bit too heavy even if of big capacity and that using a lower...
  8. J

    new to fpv drone flying need help?????

    Hi im new to the drone world and looking to get the e max hawk 5 or the eachine wizard x220. Im wondering if the Taranis X-lite is compatible and what would i need to get everything going my build list is as fallows: 1. eachine wizard x220 fpv drone 2. eachine ev100 fpv goggles 3. taranis...
  9. Blomgren92

    Battery issues on 18650

    Bought a visuo xs809hw and wanted after awhile to upgrade the battery. Are some instruction videos on how to do this and followed them. Bought a 18650 panasonic battery and a tp4056. Soldered them togheter but when i test it only works for about 1 min. When checking voltage its full (4.2v) just...
  10. W

    New batteries last for a minute.

    Hello all. I have a Syma X5UC drone. I recently bought 6 new batteries from Amazon. I charged them up and they all work for about 20 seconds, with a solid light on the drone, then the lights start flashing. The battery that came with the drone lasts for about 5 to 6 minutes. I charge them...
  11. P

    Safe to swap connectors on Li-Po batteries?

    So i bought a couple of batteries from hobbyking and didn't realise that they had xt-30 connectors. This doesn't suit my current build which has an xt-60 connector on the power lead. I have a few spare xt-60 connectors lying around, would it be safe to swap these over on the xt-30 batteries...
  12. W


    Hi i need to know which battery capacity will fit into the X8HG Quadcopter 2.4G. Currently it can take a 2000mah.. but can you go bigger for more flight time??
  13. Diven

    Battery Modification

    My friend ask me a question about battery: He has recently purchased a Syma X8HC Quadcopter. The controller takes 4 AA Batteries. He asked me, Is there any reason that a rechargeable 6-7 V. LI-ion or Lipo battery pack could not be used instead of the throwaway AA's. I also would think one may...
  14. CKRobinson

    Will higher mah batteries damage your quad?

    If your quad comes with say, 400 mah batteries and you put something larger in, like 500, will that cause the quad engines damage? This isn't about flight time or peak draw, it's just about being able to find and get my hands on a battery for my JJRC H31. Currently (ha! get it? CURRENTly?) I...
  15. H

    1200mAh Batteries for Syma X5SW

    Got a question. My Syma came with 500mAh Battery. I bought some 1200mAh batterys for the purpose of extending the flight time of my Syma Drone. After buying these batteries and using them a few times, I noticed that the Preformance as went down Tremendously. I noticed at times I'd have to be...
  16. H

    I want to buy Syma X8G

    I want to buy this quad and I have many of questions. :D So, if some have some time for me, my questions: 1. Is this good link for buying ? 2...
  17. R

    How to make batteries last?

    Hi everyone, I have decided i am going to buy a JJRC H26D quadcopter (for AU$112) But I have one issue: How do I make sure my batteries will last. I own a mould king 33041 and the batteries I have used with that have run out within about 30 fights. I used to have 7 minute flights, but now i am...