Will higher mah batteries damage your quad?

Discussion in 'Newb Guides' started by CKRobinson, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. CKRobinson

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    If your quad comes with say, 400 mah batteries and you put something larger in, like 500, will that cause the quad engines damage? This isn't about flight time or peak draw, it's just about being able to find and get my hands on a battery for my JJRC H31.

    Currently (ha! get it? CURRENTly?) I can only find batteries on Amazon (that can be quickly shipped) that are a higher mah.

  2. GlassKnees

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    No, you will not damage your motors. Think of mah as gas tank capacity. I have a Parallax Elev-8 that files with a 3300 mah lipo, but I also use a 4000 mah battery with no problems.
  3. CKRobinson

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  4. Wildwelder

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    You should be ok with a 500 mah if you can get it to fit. Little heavier so you might notice a difference there.

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