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    For those that are not anti military.

    ^What do you think they use that "intelligence" for? I will define military "Intelligence" for you: To locate targets for killing.
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    More on Gatwick

    Only England's incompetence,chasing there own shadows. And the BBC just tell any would be terrorist or rascal how easy it is to shut down an airport. Next thing will be drones carrying nerve agents, scare the sheeple into submission and restrict any technology that can aid in a future coup.
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    Holy Stone HS190 flys up out of control

    What height is the take off/landing set at? You say your ceiling, well it is possible that the return home height is set to a height higher then your ceiling, try and turn it on and fly it outside. I am pretty sure that would be the issue, you can change the setting by connecting your...
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    Oldish Newbie Question

    The Mavik Pro has collision avoidance, is the collision avoidance hardware reliable? If so I guess this drone would be the best for flying and not getting stuck in a tree.
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    Emax Tinyhawk indoor run today

    Looks pretty sick, what is the dimensions of the drone, must be hand sized.
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    n00b, StuDiablo South England

    Firstly sorry for not reading any of the forum yet, I will use it a great deal I am sure, but I will search as I need and keep upto date with the trends etcetera. Also thank you for having me, I do not have Facebook, I have always been more a forum person as I assume many users on this forum...