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    Firstly sorry for not reading any of the forum yet, I will use it a great deal I am sure, but I will search as I need and keep upto date with the trends etcetera.

    Also thank you for having me, I do not have Facebook, I have always been more a forum person as I assume many users on this forum are to, I am sure there is many facebook groups but as sure as Facebook they would be full of n00bs.

    So I have seen the economic, advantage and even criminal prospects of being a good drone operator and owner, obviously I will not deal in the latter, but the quadcopter has a great potential for recreation and for innovation so after several months I have got on the market.

    Being from a poor working class background I have not had the financial power to go in for a Mavic Pro yet "thank the lord" as I went in with a mid ranged priced drone called a HS100, it crashed into a tree and feel into the river on its maiden voyage, like the titanic.

    But it was a good learning curve, and a good reason to start low in the range, I fixed a broken gear and it still flies, even after being submerged in freezing water, however the drones computer and camera is US, so I shall have to replace this.

    This is all for my Drone story, there is a video on Insta, and I hope to contribute more in time, Also I will hope to learn and share from the community.

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