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    HELP static when motors spin....

    A crash of any type or severity isn't good. A crash into soft stuff like grass is not as bad as a crash into a tree. The magic words I see are "when i give any sorta throttle or motors spin..." Whatever was shielding the camera from the electrical interference from the 'motors' is not doing it...
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    Flying off on it's own......

    The colloquial term for this situation is called "a bummer". It sound like you have a heating problem in the ESC. It gets hot and it takes off on it's merry way. Check all the circuitry in the ESC to see if there is a component that is weak. With a flow of current, it may heat sufficiently to...
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    To register or not to register

    I still have several CB Radios that still work. My FCC License is still viable even though I don't need one anymore. My handle is Night Stalker. I was in a CB Radio Civilian Patrol for 20 years. Once in a while I'll take out my portable CB Radio and listen to the "chatter" on Channel 19 (the...
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    To register or not to register

    Back in the 1950's through the 1980's, CB RADIO was the rage. Everyone needed a FCC CB Radio License. We paid our $5.00 and got a license for 5 years. About the 1990's cell phones made their appearance and CB Radio became a novelty not a need. The CB License was no longer required mostly because...
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    This looks good

    From looking at the video, he has a ducted fan to provide lift and uses compressed air jets to perform balance and directional control. Those plastic bottles can't carry enough air to do much controlling that I can see. Perhaps using compressed Freon 134A would be a better choice...
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    This looks good

    Yes, cool, but, a lot more work to do!
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    Careful flying under a surface!

    The opposite of Ground Effect? Must be Negative Ground Effect! The closer you get the a ceiling, the less air that's available and so it has an effect of a vacuum on the ceiling. Sounds good, but probably isn't right too. I looked up what the opposite of ground effect was, there was no answer...
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    Mobula 7 Camera Issue After Crash

    Good luck and fly safe!
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    Mobula 7 Camera Issue After Crash

    Funny thing about crashes, they usually do irreparable damage to something. Digital Cameras all have circuit boards. The shock of impact could of damaged a component that doesn't show up in an eyeball look over. Get out the multi meter and start checking for shorts in the components. It may not...
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    Drone X183 GPS (Follower X6) max altitude?

    Dear Zorro, Not many of us speak Russian or are even able to read it. You post is gobbldigook!
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    Hunting hogs

    An after thought... It doesn't sound much like we have a whole lot to do today!
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    Hunting hogs

    Kind of an expensive way of making a BLT. My question on that is "Does the drone stop at a garden and pick up the lettuce and tomato? and, what about the Mayonnaise?".
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    Hunting hogs

    So. when the drone finds the hog, what does it do? Turn it into Ham and Bacon?
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    Newbie to the forum and we are being screwed

    That's a good reason for me not doing builds. I'm all thumbs anyways with the hardware, so I buy all built and ready to fly only. May be a cop out, but then at least it gets off the ground the first time.
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    Tech question: how does FPV transmit so far over WiFi?

    To illustrate, the WiFi in your house has a limited range set by the device manufacturer, usually around 300 feet. WiFi is another Radio RF Source and is a double superheterodyne transmitter/receiver, like your cellphone is. It produces a transmission along the 802.11 MHz wavelength. Any device...