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    Wafflejock, I concur!
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    how to find the minimum battery capacity C required for the drone to reach the landing point?

    What then is your question? Are you trying to determine the time from launch to landing on a battery? One good way to figure that out would be to fully charge the battery and fly the drone close by until the power runs out. Time that period. You would have a ballpark feel. Remember however there...
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    That's the Humpty Dumpty of buying drones. Some include all you need and some don't.
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    Go to The following link will help: I always check Amazon before asking here. It saves time waiting.
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    radio is paired and blades rotate but no lift

    You got this at Goodwill? A lot of people donate things to Goodwill that DON'T work right anymore or don't work at all. You have one "tired" old battery too. Sounds like the former. Try getting a new battery for it. Research the model online. If, when you get the new battery, it still acts up...
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    DroneX con

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    DroneX con

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    Long exposure whilst panning tutorial

    OK, so what do you want us to do, other than look at the site?
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    Kitsap Drones Sea/Air Coordinator - Helping ROV RTH

    Don't see many other ( [hic] none) comments to this string. Wonder why that is?
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    Kitsap Drones Sea/Air Coordinator - Helping ROV RTH

    What's with all the Little Mermaid stuff? I thought all of our drones were Quadcopters, as the name of our Forum expressly implies!
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    Underwater Drone

    With the fin structure and the vertical stripes, they look like Perch.
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    Need help Noob Wizard X220

    Looks like the propellers are on backwards. You're getting downward thrust, when you should be getting upward thrust. Check to make sure that the propellers are on the right motors. Propellers have different pitches for each motor. If you don't have the manual, check on the internet for your...
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    Wiley Coyote imitator

    Seemed more of a lesson in a movie camera than blowing the hell out of a $700.00 drone. That's an expensive clay pigeon.