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    I ripped with 4 different quads today

    Seriously great flying bro is there anything better than an empty construction sight? Never took 4 out at once gonna have to make a day of it!!!
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    First drone advice

    If you can solder this could be an option:
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    where does cc3d get power from ?

    It is possible that the fcb was being powered by the esc. And easy easy to tell: plug your battery in and see if the fcb lights up. If yes then you're good to go. If no lights, you will have to power your fcb with another 5v power supply.
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    Cheap escs, Cheap fcb compatibility question.

    Yeah I know there's a reason those escs are so cheap lol but my new passion in this hobby is to try to build quads out of the oldest, cheapest equipment possible. The only reason I can think for configuring the escs is to reverse motor directions but if it comes to that the old school way of...
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    Cheap escs, Cheap fcb compatibility question.

    Thanx RENOV8R. Do you know will I be able to update and configure the afro escs in BlHeli?
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    Cheap escs, Cheap fcb compatibility question.

    Hello fellow quadcopter folks, I found some super cheap electronic online that would be perfect for my ultra light 5" quad I've been thinking about slapping together but I'm not too sure if these relics will play well together . Will the afro 12 amp escs: And the Naze 32 Rev6 acro fcb: Work...
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    I ripped 27 packs today!

    Reverse fakie to stall at 3:40 nice rippin dude!
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    Awesome flying bro!
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    Park Is Closed lol....

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    Flight Controller + Receiver (FIRST TIME BUILD)

    If you were truly passionate about building a racing/freestyle quad you would learn, it's not that difficult lol. Try it you just might like it and you know where to go to ask questions!
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    Park Is Closed lol....

    Yeah I wanted to powerloop the arm on that Komatsu so bad but they had a barrier up and a crash would mean my quad was in the hole lol so no dice. Thanx for watching bro!
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    Flight Controller + Receiver (FIRST TIME BUILD)

    You'll have to use the flysky reciever with the flysky transmitter, the different brands will not work together. As for wiring the reciever, solder the signal wire to the "rx1" pad, the red wire to a 5v pad and black to ground. When you set it up in betaflight you'll want to switch the "uart1"...
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    Transmitter to control the RTF, toy quads?

    Check out the jumper T8SG " Support Protocols: * Walkera full range * DSM2/X full range * Flysky and Flysky 2A * FrSKY * FUTABA s-fhss full range * WL Toy series, Hubsan series, Esky series and many more (Currently a total of more than 40 supported protocols) Uses open source software with...
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    Park Is Closed lol....

    Haha no that's my police cruiser lol I'm not a cop but I like the Crown Victorias. Thanx for watching!