1. Y

    Hexacopter with DJI A3 PRO

    3 weeks ago,We test our Hexacopter drone with client specified DJI flight control,because the client like the DJI's stable and have experience on flying the DJI. With the DJI A3 pro flight controller,you can find the old memories of flying your first DJI drones,its so familiar. We welcome...
  2. D

    Drone Video of ICELAND VOLCANO Eruption 2021

  3. flyboyfpv

    Interview with Pilot in Nigeria

    In this interview, I got to talk to Adebayo Kehinde. He lives in Nigeria and has amazing skills when it comes to drones and fixed wing planes. Even while living in Nigeria where sources are limited, you will get to see first hand how he gets things done. The chance to talk to him was part of...
  4. flyboyfpv

    Magnetic USB Cable - Great for Tuning

    I just did a quick short on the magnetic usb cable. This has been such a life saver for me especially since I tune out in the field. Having bluetooth is the best but if you don't this is a good alternative.
  5. flyboyfpv

    Mormon Rocks - 4K

    This is a great place to fly. We usually fly there and just do regular FPV. This time we did more cinematic footage. Plus we did it in 4K. Once thing is for sure, it takes a lot longer to do it in 4k. Let me know what you think.
  6. lordrodders

    Best RTR FPV for beginner ?

    Hi all, I’ve owned a few quads over the years, from the dji tellos, parrots, dji sparks and mavic so pretty familiar with flying them, just wanting to go into the world of FPV flying through goggles. I am looking to find the best rtr FPV drone and which goggles will work best all on a budget of...
  7. V

    DJI mini 2 increase flight time

    Hello guys, I'm getting a mini 2 in a few days, my 3rd quad after a Holy Stone HS120D and a JJRC X12 that decided to fly into a tree third flight and i sent it back. So, I will want to do cinematic shots as well as just having fun flying around checking stuff out, and it will be mid/high range...
  8. N

    DJI Mini 2 in Bergen, Norway

    This is my first ever drone video, please watch this and help me become a better pilot and editor by giving me constructive feedback.
  9. P

    Development of load module for DJI UAV

  10. my daily Flight

    Mavic Air 2 | DJI Pocket 2 | Ulanzi Anamorphic Lense | in 4K UHD 30fps

    lets fly the Mavic Air 2 and talk about the new DJI Pocket 2 and anamorphic Lense from Ulanzi in my new video:
  11. my daily Flight

    Lost Places: the Bueckeberg in Germany with Mavic Air 2 and Mavic Pro

    my new video from the lost place: filmed with Mavic Air 2, Mavic 2 Pro and Osmo Pocket.
  12. my daily Flight

    Lost Place: german Thanksgiving festival with Mavic Air 2

    my new video from a special historic lost place in Germany: filmed with Mavic Air 2, Mavic 2 pro and GoPro Hero 9.
  13. M

    Mavic Mini waypoint update

    Here is a petition for the introduction of a native waypoint system update for the Mavic mini, to allow mapped automated flight. The plan is to get signatures from all parts of the world. Once at a sufficient level the link for the petition will be forwarded on to DJI. These things only work by...
  14. Tydrones

    Welcome to Nottingham City!

  15. Tydrones

    Hole of Horcum, North Yorkshire

    Quarantine Edits 2020: Footage was taken in 2018. A "Devil's Punchbowl" type feature, local legend has it that the amphitheatre was formed when Wade the Giant scooped up a handful of earth to throw at his wife during an argument.
  16. Tydrones


    Just wanted to share one of my quarantine edits
  17. P

    M: NEW DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo

    Hintaa: 400 EUR Upouusi alkuperäisen laatikon sisällä Paino vähemmän kuin .55 naulaa / 250 grammaa Mavic Minin painon ansiosta se voi pysyä ilmassa pidempään Nauti 25-30 minuutin lentoajasta täysin ladatulla akulla Mavic Mini tukee 12 megapikselin ilmakuvia ja 2 7K HD-videoita 3-akselinen...
  18. utsavchopra


    Are you looking for a solution to automate your drone operations? Then check out all new improved FlytGCS solution which can turn your manual business workflow to automated workflow. You can use FlytGCS for use cases like remote inspection, security, safety and much more. Simply get started...
  19. Gadget Inspector

    DJI Mavic 2 Pro LIVE Unboxing & Initial Thoughts