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    Xiaomi Mi 4K, FIMI X8 SE or Dji Spark?

    The Xiaomi Mi 4K, and the elderly Dji Spark are so different that it begs the question as to what you are hoping to achieve.
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    SJRC F11 4K Pro strong drift - no position hold - GPS signal OK

    Sorry to pick this subject up so late, but I have a JJRC X11, upgraded to 4K, which I believe is an identical quad. It is very stable in my experience. I concur with your compass calibration findings. It seems more sensitive to metal objects or transmitting devices than other drones that I have...
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    A Made a Short Video

    Enjoyed that, thanks. That's long term planning!
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    That's sad. Has DJI overstretched itself by developing crop spraying drones as well as trying to bring updated products to the market? Time will tell.
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    Hi everyone. New Guy Here!

    I was given a toy - bought a slightly better one, and another that flew far away somewhere. Progressed to GPS drones but that 'toy' experience was great and improved my tree climbing skills no end! Welcome and enjoy the fun.
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    Mini 2 vs. Hubsan Mini Pro

    I am becoming more and more impressed with the ZMP. Not as 'polished' as the Mini 2 as yet, but lovely to fly and a good camera. Now if only Hubsan would fix the v. dark RAW photos! I'm sure it wont take long. (I have used maximum exposure increase on this RAW photo, to get it this bright!)...
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    Newbie to Drones 4G vs 5G

    In summary, 5G phones means a fifth generation 'phone. As davidhk129 said, 5G means 5GHZ WiFi (sometimes known as WiFi 5), nothing to do with 5th generation 'phones that work with 5G 'phone masts. The key is the 802.11ac standard, in the 'phone's specs.
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    Eachine EX4 review - GPS 5G WIFI FPV with 4K HD Camera 3 Axis Stable Gimbal

    That looks like a good SD card, to me. If you are good at computers, you should be able to format this 64GB card to 32GB, which should then work.
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    Sorry cannot help but why not just stick to the MRC PRO? It works fine with my JJRC X11 (Bugs 4W) and is the recommended app. My documentation only recommends that app.
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    Mini 2 vs. Hubsan Mini Pro

    I have a Mini Pro and am just getting to know it. I have a better impression so far than that given in many of the reviews. The videos should be of better quality than they are at present which I'm hoping is mainly a firmware issue. I've put a short video on YouT which might help, but please...
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    OT: Multi-rotor eVTOL thoughts

    Thanks. The Wisk's progress is going to be interesting to watch. It's good to see people trying new things but I'm inclined to think that they have taken on too many innovations at once. Battery powered, autonomous, transitional flight. I hope it isn't just a 'vehicle' to gather investment. It...
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    Mine's a JJRC X11 4K which I think is very similar. I do find the 5GHz wifi a bit flaky although the 2.4GHz controller connection is very good. A tip, someone gave me, if you don't already do it, is to switch your 'phone to aeroplane mode then turn the wifi on, before you connect to the drone...
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    Smartphone wifi vs tablet wifi.... (both 2.4g wifi)

    Ah. Houston we have a problem! (That'll teach me to make assumptions) .. but now you mention it ......
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    Smartphone wifi vs tablet wifi.... (both 2.4g wifi)

    To labour the point, it might just be worth trying to see if it picks up the 5g wifi signal as mine does, and works with the older apps, although there is no mention of it supporting
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    Smartphone wifi vs tablet wifi.... (both 2.4g wifi)

    It might be worth trying your Tab A. The spec for my Tab A does not include 802.11ac but strangely enough, it does work fine with my older 5g wifi drone. My One Plus One 'phone, does include 802.11ac in its specs but does NOT connect to my 5g WiFi drone. (My One Plus 5 does though). Weird or what.