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Engineering Head Hunter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I search for various roles such as Electrical Engineering, Embedded Systems, Mechanical Engineering for electric power tools. Feel free to connect with me!
I used to live in MKE and miss it dearly. I recently got a (2yr) Mechanical Design degree, am familiar with SolidWorks, Autocad, and PTC Creo. I know GD&T, and have a bit of knack for physics and other science-y things. Research suggests some opportunity around there, but I'd love to know from someone in the area if coming back would be a good move. I'd say more but there's a 420 char limit. Thanks for any advice!
I would like to know if the Samya x5 parts are compatible with the MJX x400. Eg motors and props.
New to all this, from South coast of England uk just bought a Fx145v2 quadcopter, to get used to flying a quad, I also have 2 hellicopters
hi it is my second post and i just wanna tell you guys that professionally i am a doctor but i wanna start my own business.

Looking for a source from which to buy Nihui U807 replacement batteries, read that you had 4 35C 800mah batteries for it.
May I ask you to please divulge the source?