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Discussion in 'Ready to Fly Quads' started by davidhk129, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. davidhk129

    davidhk129 Well-Known Member

    Remember I am in Canada. Don't compare the price with what you can get in your country.
    GPS drone with 24 minutes battery life.
    C$55.98. Free shipping.

    What do you think about this drone?
    I know it is "no name" brand. But a lot of "knock offs" from China appear to be quite reliable.
    Come to think of it, how many drones are not made in China?
  2. SLFLY

    SLFLY Well-Known Member

    If you already own a number of brushed models idk what are you expecting from this one, but it will perform similar to the others. you are throwing money away if you keep buying more of them expecting something different.

    I've had a handful of toy models. They are slow. They are flimsy. a bad crash can render them unflyable. They feel like they are thrown together from a combination of $2 parts. One model i bought was fitted with a plastic drive cog system connected to the motors, and the plastic teeth literally melted from the heat of the motors spinning for 5 minutes. The quality control is diabolical. The replacement spare parts were non existant. I tried to find parts from another existing model that looked the same but rebadged. But they were not compatible why ? The manufacterers had used different internals 9t cogs instead of 12t cogs and it just made everything incompatible and a headache to fix. That drone never even made it's first outing. So i decided im never buying any more.

    Buy a drone with brushless motors. They really make a huge difference in performance. Once you go brushless you will never go back to brushed.

    or consider building your own. It costs more sure but you'll learn tons and have a far better drone in the end. That will open up more options for modification and customisation later.

    What about this MJX Bugs 3 pro (no camera version) or $175 CAD ? Is it in your price range ?

    The Bugs 3 Pro is good value because it has a real working gps return and altitude hold. And a telemetry controller with height, distance, battery level display with audio warnings if signal or battery is low. It has follow me. It can also carry a gopro sized camera. The control range is 500m+. And spares parts are easy to find. For $175 you are getting alot of drone for the money.
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  3. davidhk129

    davidhk129 Well-Known Member

    2 reasons I asked about this drone :
    1. It is GPS. I already have a SJRC Z5 which is GPS equipped. My displeasure on Z5 is its form..... a rectangular plastic block. Not exciting looking.
    2. It is dirt cheap. Less than $56.

    Bugs 3 Pro is nice but on that price bracket I want a camera even if I have to pay more.

    P.S. I am not sold on Brushless hype. I am strictly a "line of sight" type. and I don't go crazy going Up and Away video taping.
    I'll be fine with brushed motors.
  4. wafflejock

    wafflejock Well-Known Member

    I'm not actually suggesting this particular model but can see a brushless micro here is only $100

    Reason I'd shy away from this particular one is I had some issues with quality control on them, the motors and ESCs are fine but receiver and VTX vary depending on which model you have and may require manual adjustments. I've heard a lot of good things about the Mobula 7 too recently:

    You can always tame back the throttle in betaflight if you don't plan to shoot to the moon or do power loops, but promise if you try a brushless you won't regret it even if you only fly LOS. One of my good buddies only flies LOS too so far, he started with a toy grade one too but the wind took it away a few times and he decided to just throw down on a RTF brushless like below.

    We basically got him one like below, it's an investment but he's learned to fly it well LOS and is looking at getting goggles now:,3m-dl-samesess-alpha-fvicp:6327

    Not sure what the appeal of GPS is unless you're using the quad for industrial type purposes (move through waypoints over a farm for example) or for getting the quad to get some high def video without needing to manually control but if you're into flying then it seems a more manual system will be more fun too even if you don't delve into acrobatic or racing.

    The brushed motor based quads all use either high kv brushed motors that will die after about 6 hrs of run time and will be less stable and harder to control (fighting gravity plus trying to go wherever you point it), or they use plastic gearing which is bound to wear down and/or break. On the other hand brushless motors will run basically forever (at least until the bearings in them are worn or the motor gets smashed). I understand brushed motors for indoor flight but outdoor brushless is the way to go.
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  5. davidhk129

    davidhk129 Well-Known Member

    This one is likely a candidate for my next purchase. ( Someone please take my credit cards and hide them).

    Eachine EX2mini Brushless 5.8G FPV Camera With Angle Mode Acro Mode RC Drone Quadcopter RTF - With Camera + FPV Monitor + Glasses Mode 2 (Left Hand Throttle)
  6. SLFLY

    SLFLY Well-Known Member

    I think that kit would be a great introducion to brushless and fpv. I have flown the EX2 mini and it flies great. It can be mellow or pretty fast flyer in rate 2. Once you try low latency fpv with Acro you'll realise it's a whole different dimension of flying completely different to line of sight. Fpv is alot of fun. Go for it.

    Also what's great about micro quads like the EX2 mini they are really portable and are not as loud or intrusive or scary. They dont attract as much attention as bigger drones.
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  7. davidhk129

    davidhk129 Well-Known Member

    Let's see now......…
    No GPS.
    No altitude hold.
    No headless mode.
    I'm left to my own device.
  8. wafflejock

    wafflejock Well-Known Member


    To me flying a quad with all those sensors and automatic control is a bit like playing bumper bowling, sure it makes it easier but it takes away the risk of failure that makes the game fun in the first place.

    If people are using them for survey/cinematic other purposes then I get it but when just flying for fun closer to manual control is better (so long as you agree more challenge == more rewarding).
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  9. davidhk129

    davidhk129 Well-Known Member

    Damn !! I can't resist it.
    I ended up buying this EX2mini for almost 1/2 the price with coupon discount of $70+...….. I paid C$89.17
    It's a great buy. Not so much for my wallet.
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  10. DrAbsurd

    DrAbsurd Well-Known Member

    You either want to see like a bird or fly like one. I tell people you either want to spend time flying with a little movie editing or you want t fly a camera briefly and spend most of you time editing that footage. I will eventually get a looky-loo drone but mostly for recovery and secondary footage but mostly recovery for my downed acro drones.
  11. Dugdog47

    Dugdog47 Well-Known Member

    It sucks, lol.:D:D:D
  12. ArmyVet

    ArmyVet Well-Known Member

    there is a reason it has only 2 stars on Amazon.

    But go for it.o_O
  13. ArmyVet

    ArmyVet Well-Known Member

    Great Line!

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