Xtreme Fly And Drive Is It Made By Syma ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by John Scott, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. John Scott

    John Scott Member

    Props are getting a little battered on my grandson's Xtreme Fly and Drive. I'm trying to locate extra props for it. The drone looks very much like a rebranded Syma. Do you guy's know if it is made by Syma or where I might find some props ?

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  2. Rick M

    Rick M Absent-minded professor

    The ones on the right definitely look like the stock props on a Syma X5C. They're cheap on Amazon, so won't cost you much to try them out.
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  3. John Scott

    John Scott Member

    Thanks Rick, I'm almost thinking Xtreme is just a rebranded Syma.
  4. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

  5. Heiner86

    Heiner86 New Member

    What do u think about cheap drones? are they making u actually happy? How do they fly.. and how is the quality of video?
  6. Rick M

    Rick M Absent-minded professor

    Some are quite decent, other not so much. The key to buying a quad (cheap or not) is read, read, read. Check reviews, look for parts availability, talk to people flying them. I hate when people become drone snobs and sneer at "toy" quads, because some of them are quite enjoyable to fly. Many people fly both very expensive and sophisticated quads and also cheap ones and enjoy the spectrum.

    Quality of video is another story. It is hard (not impossible, but hard) to get truly good video without spending some real money on a quad with GPS and a high quality camera.
  7. John Scott

    John Scott Member

    Some are very good others are junk. Cheap decent drones do have their place. Cheap drones are a great way to learn without breaking the bank and lets face it, crashing expensive drones becomes very expensive. Flying decent cheap drones will build your flying skills because you are controlling all the aspects of flying. Your flight skills develop and become better with experience. Anyone who becomes good at visually flying a cheap drone has spent some time developing that skill set and can most certainly fly any more expensive or more advanced drone easily. There are drones that virtually fly themselves. With the cheap drone there is no automatic anything to bail you out when you have a wind gust and altitude loss, you bail yourself out. To me at least there seems to be two schools in the hobby. The cheap who enjoy the challenge of controlling all aspects of the flight and the Grey Poupon Snobs who fly with very little skill set. My personal experience is that all the Grey Poupon snobs will back down quickly when you offer them to try flying your toy drone because they are totally clueless in manual visual flight. As far quality of pics or videos you get what you for just like any camera or optical instrument and your looking at big bucks for really good resolution. Just like rifle scopes, the $20.00 scope on a 100 yard range .22 caliber rifle may be just fine but it's not going to work on my long range rifle at a 1000 yards.

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