XK X250 Alien Mini Review

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    Here's a mini review on a pretty cool quadcopter. XK Alien comes in several forms: 1) without camera 2) onboard camera or 3) FPV camera system
    The model I received was sent to me from Lightake.com for an independent review. I did a video review on my youtube channel about this quad and I'm sharing that here on this thread. I'll post the specs of the quad, then give my thoughts about it and then I'll have my video review which is an unboxing and flight demo.
    Flying weight: 100g Motor: 8520 coreless
    Battery: 3.7V 800mAh 20C lipo Flight time: about 8-12 mins
    Charging time: about 60 mins Control distance: 300m
    Quadcopter size: 194 * 194 * 61mm
    •1 * XK X250 Quadcopter
    •4 * Propellers
    •1 * Battery
    •1 * Screwdriver
    (PS:This version is not including camera.)
    Features: 1 Key return, Headless mode, automatic landing if loss of signal, 360 flips, 6 axis gyro
    My thoughts
    I'm happy with how this model flies. I own an older model called the WLToys Skylark and this quad reminded me a lot of that one. I really liked the YAW rate for this quad, even in the lower rates it makes it easier to fly IMO. Also being an XK product, it's protocol is compatible with the FUTABA radios. So using the stock radio it's very suitable to new and intermiedate skilled pilots, and experienced that have FUTABA radios can unlock more control for sporty flying to suit their advanced skills. Lastly this quad is unique and has a great look to it, kudos to XK for creating a slick looking drone.

    Finally, here's my video review of the XK X250 Alien!

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