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    Hi! I'm very new to quadcopters and got an X8C over the holiday. I immediately picked up a second battery for it, but still, 3 hours to charge a 7.4v battery is a bit much. I know you don't want to charge one of these too quickly, but I was wondering if someone out there could recommend a charger that would charge a bit faster. Or, perhaps a good charger that will charge two batteries at once.

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    A couple of options, you can charge most batteries in about an hour as most support 1C, or you could get multiple batteries and a multi charger. I've seen quite a few different ones for smaller 1S batteries like the ones Husban uses. I'd suggest the multi-charger rather than higher charge rate as it is better for the batteries.

    On the PC I'm on now I can't click sales links, but googling "Syma Multi charger" should work
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    Yes I did use google. Didn't get any good hits hence my post
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    Well you could get one of the typical 4 button hobby chargers, like an IMAX. They come with various harnesses/connectors, find one that has Deans connectors like this one.


    Then you'll need a Syma adapter.


    Then you can get one of these, but note you'll need the Syma adapter cable for each battery.
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