x5sc problem.

Discussion in 'Ready to Fly Quads' started by Robert Bray, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. Robert Bray

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    Hi, thought this deserves a new thread as I want to explain the history. Firstly I posted regarding a problem with backwards mode on the x5sc. You showed me how to fix that but then shortly after the drone stopped giving me lift. I replaced a suspect motor and it gave me lift and direction control- perfect!
    Then when I removed the tape used to temporarily close it and re fastened with screws it stopped giving lift!! Replaced all other motors to eliminate problems. Re assembled and no lift still! Replaced some gears and still the same. All blades installed correctly and motors all rotating freely and in correct direction.
    How can it be that in the process of just removing the tape and putting back in the screws that it stopped working. Literally pulling my hair out!! Please help
  2. Robert Bray

    Robert Bray Member

    It's sorted! 5hours of work but have it. It was a problem with a plastic insert that the rotor screw into. It had worn away. Swapped it and it's perfect!
  3. Squirrel1138

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    How did you get the two body parts to re-align properly to put all the screws back in?. I have been struggling with getting every lillte screw hole to snap back together but to my utter frustration it denies me. Are you still using tape to hold the thing together??

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