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Discussion in 'Parts & Components' started by David Whitehurst, Sep 13, 2018.

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    I have a very small FrSky micro receiver and it has gnd, 5v, sbus, cppm, and s port. The receiver has a cable and colored wires. The flight controller cc3d has a receiver cable too and more wires. Can I assumably match the wire colors and just cap with heat shrink the wires I don't use? My question really is "do the receiver and flight controller manufacturers follow a color code with the wires?". I'm not sure how to proceed. My ESCs have black and white wires only so I'm going to get a 5v regulated tap on the pdb and add to one of the esc plugs (3 pins).
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    Yes you should be able to.
    Esc black and white, signal & ground goto motor ports 1-4. As for colours black & red are obvious white = signal,
    Yellow = video signal.
    If you have a cam with a mic then the white will be audio signal.
    Blue coming off a smart audio vtx will be smart audio. This can differ on each vtx it may be white. And telemetry maybe blue.
    Best check the products pdf or a wiring diagram.
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    Thanks! I didn't know that the FPV camera audio could go into the CC3D. I'll do some more study. I plugged in my ESC (I'll call them servo/throttle) leads into 1,2,3, and 4 in succession. I found a single black plug on an extra wire that was red and I soldered it to my 5V regulated out on the PDB and plugged the black plug into a CC3D middle pin on that row of 3-pin sets. That powered my board. I then used a main port harness and determined that the red and black were needed to pass on the 5V to my FrSky tiny S-Bus receiver (can use 16 channels from radio) and the outer orange wire (s-bus) went to the s-bus on the receiver. So I have the basics in place now. I haven't started on my run-cam yet. I am going to mount my FPV and HD cameras and use my ground control software to first set up my racer. I just want to see it hover (line of sight) before I start on the camera use.

    Thanks again. I'm learning and I'm impatient. I told myself last night I need to slow down.

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    No, the white = audio wire will not go into FC. This is only off the cam if it has one.
    But all vtx has audio input. This would have to be directly connected as osd signal is visual so its overlayed onto the video signal.

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