Wingsland M5

Discussion in 'Ready to Fly Quads' started by Uranium09, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. Uranium09

    Uranium09 New Member

    Anyone have anything to share about Wingsland

    Just purchased a Wingsland M5 drone, it's shipping from Shenzhen, China.

    The build quality and components appear high quality...... m5descriptions2.png
  2. C K Lim

    C K Lim New Member

    Hi I just got this M5 drone for about 2 weeks, flys good and very responsive, but battery life sucks, Video is 720 not 4k, apps kind of laggy....:(
  3. I have one. Had reliability issues so had to get it exchanged. Twice. :(
    However, when it flies, its awesome :)

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