Why I like My APM Ship For Pilot Training

Discussion in 'Flying' started by GlassKnees, Aug 30, 2016.

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    My first quadcopter build was a Parallax Elev-8 (V2) kit that had a basic flight controller. After some basic maneuvers I quickly got cocky and let the aircraft get away from me - I would lose orientation and flying in Acro mode invited trouble for a novice pilot.

    Then I built another elev-8 and installed an APM flight controller/autopilot. I wanted to be able to chose between several flight modes depending on the circumstances I got myself into. After a lot of flying I believe I made the right choice. The modes I use most are: Stabilize, Loiter and RTL. Typically, I will take off in Stabilize mode - if I take my fingers off the sticks the aircraft will halt the motion that it was in - I don't have to counteract the motion like I have to in Acro mode. If I fly too high/far, I can switch to Loiter mode - the aircraft will hover in place, allowing me to move the aileron or elevator controls to ascertain how the aircraft is oriented; I can then move it around in Loiter mode or switch back to Stabilize. In the worst case scenario I can always hit RTL and have the copter come back and either land autonomously or I can take over manually at any point in the landing sequence.

    I have become more confident in my piloting skills and having fun flying my aircraft! I also have the benefit of creating waypoint missions and having it fly autonomously, which is what I do with my two video platforms - I can concentrate on the video while the autopilot flies the aircraft. Here is a picture of my three copters - two Elev-8's and a Tarot FY680 Pro hexcopter:

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    Very sensible approach, nice post

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