Which side are Racekraft props are installed??

Discussion in 'First Build' started by DroneGnome, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. DroneGnome

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    So I understand the rotation of the propellers (CW on motors 1 and 4 with "R" mark, CCW on motors 2 and 3 with "L" mark) but what I'm asking is what side the Racekraft props are installed? Obviously you want the letters and numbers on top but the problem is, THERE ARE LETTERS AND NUMBERS ON BOTH SIDES!! One side has the RK5040 marking on the center part and the other side has just 1 letter marking on one of the blades. Which side goes up? I looked all over their website and even emailed them but I'm sure I'll get a faster response here.


  2. Jackson

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    Seem right to me, you want the straighter edge leading.

    Prop straight .png
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  3. GJH105775

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    Are you sure none of those are upside down? From the image, it is hard to tell. If you look at it both ways one side should be more obvious.
  4. GJH105775

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    The one closest to your radio is probably upside down for sure. The props will cup like a leaf a little when upside down. the prop should be shaped like this:

    top (| bottom
    top (( bottom

    Edit: They might all be upside down. Usually, when they are upside down they will be much noisier.
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  5. DroneGnome

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    Haha this is what I mean, so far we have one for top |) bottom and one for bottom |) top. I thought the one that would hover off the ground with the least throttle input would be the correct way but both directions actually hover and exactly half throttle, super strange.

    Edit: Yeah they are all on the same way. and idk why photobucket got rid of my pic...so here it is again.

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  6. GJH105775

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    They are all upside down. Just flip them over and swap them left and right.
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