which lipo is best for lizard 120? here is a comparsion

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    Which battery weight is ideal for the Leader 120? We have tested the most common 2S and 3S lipos to find the ideal battery weight for the Leader 120, which allows you to fly as long, but also as agile as possible. Of course, the flight time depends on your personal flying style. In our tests we flew quite fast and with a good use of the throttle stick. In every flight and with every battery we performed many loops, flips and punches. The flight times we received can thus be significantly extended if you fly in a relaxed and smooth manner. If you don’t accelerate too much, you could easily add 1-2 minutes to the flight times for each result in the following table:

    Among the tested 3S batteries, the Tattu 650mAh 3S 75C is the best choice. It is lightweighted enough to fly beautifully agile but also offers enough capacity for at least 4.5 minutes of flight time. With a relaxed flight maybe 1-2 minutes more.

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