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    I am a complete newbie and yet to even receive my 1st drone but I have a few waypoint questions. To start with, the drone I am getting is the Hubsan H501A x4 pro. This drone, I understand can travel at up to 5m/s. It has a battery life of approx 20 mins. Allowing for using only 80% battery then in theory the drone should cover 5 x 60 x 15 = 4.5km. This is just my theory and not one of my questions.

    1:- I understand that once waypoints are programmed then the flight is controlled by the drones GPS and not the control. Therefore the drone can fly further than the transmitter distance. Correct?

    2:- The H501A has a waypoint radius of 1.5km but this can be override. Now, if my geometry is correct then the total distance within a 1.5km radius is 3km travelling from edge to edge. Therefore, would it be possible to fly 3km in one direction and straight back (RTH) overriding the 1.5km default?

    3:- When flying waypoints with the H501A you can select the height at the waypoints. If the waypoint is on a hill which is 20mtrs high, does the GPS take this into consideration if I set the waypoint height at 10mtrs or would I need to set the height at 30mtrs to have the drone hover at 10mtrs? Hope that's understandable!

    Well, thanks in advance and I look forward to all the answers

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    I'm just speaking as to my experience with DJI and ET Vector GPS but it should be the same.

    1: Correct, the waypoints are entered into the flight controller so it'll keep going until it reaches it's preset waypoint regardless of transmitter signal. BUT it doesn't matter, as soon as you lose the signal from your transmitter to your drone, it'll go into failsafe mode and return to it's home position.

    2: Just disable the geofence

    3: When you initiate the drone and home point is established this is considered ground level zero. So in your example you start on a hill 20 metres high from sea level and wanted to fly over a hill that was 30 metres high, you'd only have to set your waypoint height at 10 metres (which would be pretty risky, as you may clip the top of the hill, I'd add a few metres to be safe)

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