Watch This Self-Flying Quadcopter Land on a Car Traveling at 50 Kilometers an Hour - MIT...

Discussion in 'Quadcopters In The News' started by News, Nov 30, 2016.

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    Not to be a wise guy but why wouldnt a delivery truck just drive the last half mile? But that is cool technology and it will have its uses for sure. Im trying to get my drone to get me a beer but it cant open the fridge door. Its a work in progress.(j/k)
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    Supposing you got a dozen of these per truck, and a bunch of deliveries in an apartment complex. Much quicker than one guy running around to each door.

    But, I imagine for most cases, it's more hassle than its worth. But, for certain scenarios, it could be very helpful.
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    Yes I agree this tech is right around the corner in a big way. And once its established, itll be the new norm. Im not in the stock market but If I was I'd def be watching this.
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