Voltage regulators keep blowing up

Discussion in 'RTF Modification & Repair' started by kevino, Aug 8, 2017.

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    Hello, I'm flying the RTF Eachine Racer 250 pro. I'm having issues with voltage regulators. I've gone through two PDBs with blown voltage regulators and just recently the voltage regulator on my vtx blew as well. Since then I have soldered a UBEC onto one of the PDBs to take the place of the old smd 7805 volt regulator and have been ok so far, but then the vtx one went as well. In all three cases this happened after a crash. I have had lots and lots of crashes, however the only thing that I can directly correlate to all three regulator failures is that in those three specific crashes the battery had become disconnected from the quad. I'm sure they disconnected before I could flip the arm switch as well. Do you think the battery being disconnected while under throttle has anything to do with this? Or is it something entirely different I"m overlooking? Thank you !
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    Couldn't you have fed them both from the UBEC?
    I don't think so.
  3. kevino

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    Ok thanks for the reply! The UBEC is set to 5V output. Is that what a vtx uses? The one I have is described as 600ma. When I hook up the 4S battery I measure the full 16.5 or so volts at the terminal on the PDB that feeds the vtx. As I understand it the vtxs have their own built in voltage regulators. Is the built in regulator for the vtx or the camera? thank you
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    Define blowing out? Are you burning out the SMD regulator or just something in the circuit? We need to see what all you are pulling from them and how you are connecting them. You might be pulling too much, wiring
    them wrong or if you meant the SMD component you might have a problem somewhere else in the circuit or be using the wrong regulator.
  5. kevino

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    thanks for your reply. I'm thinking my problems are all simply because the quad is just plain cheap. its the eachine racer 250 pro and so much has failed on it that I'm just going to chalk it all up to a cheap product. You get what you pay for right? Mostly though it has to do with the way they integrated the PDB as the base frame plate and most of the failures I had were with this PDB. Plus I haven't modified anything that would draw more current. Anyway its been great for learning purposes so time to move on to something of quality. thanks again
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