VIFLY R220 M2 - F4 FC, 2205/2600KV Motors, BLHeli-S 30A ESCs

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    VIFLY R220 M2 keeps the same overlook as the previous version, but improves huge in the hardware spec.

    Spec List:

    Flight Controller: Omnibus F4, CPU 168MHz
    Firmware: BetaFlight
    Brushless Motor: 2205-2600KV
    ESC: BLHeli-S 25/30A
    Gyro: SPI, 8KHz loop speed
    Propeller: 5045
    Camera Sensor: ON Semiconductor 1/4 inch high sensitive CMOS
    Horizontal Resolution: 700TVL
    Field of view: 120°
    Channel: Bind A/B/C/D/E sections 40 channels
    Output Power: 25mW/200mW/500mW
    Antenna: Right-handed circular polarization


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    A through review video from Dustin for VIFLY R220 M2 upgraded version. Keep the durable design and bring more power. Check it out.

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    VIFLY R220 M2 is praized by Bruce who is very harsh on his review unit. Check it out.

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    "ViFly R220 V2 is an Entry level to intermediate FPV Racing Quadcopter that comes in complete Ready to fly, PNP, BNF versions. ViFly R220 V2 has tough sturdy frame and a neat clean design layout. Battery is protected with a metal frame that also serves as handle to carry your drone.ViFly R220 V2 has better speed, and flight power. If you are looking for a FPV Racing Quadcopter to start with, I believe ViFly R220 makes a great choice." Review from professional RC Review, Alishanmao. Check it out.

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