video: brushless motor manufacture

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  1. yay

    yay Well-Known Member

    thought this was interesting,

    watch people make your quad motors.
  2. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    Very surprised @ the working conditions.
    Some places you here they put netting around the building so they can't commit hauri kauri.
    Think they the brotherhobby. Might try some.
  3. yay

    yay Well-Known Member

    well you know, we can't really represent an honest picture in teh west, otherwise we wouldn't get to think we're number one in the world, eh.

    numb, number, numbest, never let it rest. until the numb is number and the oh god bless.

    when western kids can relate to 'journey to the west' better than they can 'masters of the universe' then they can understand polysyllables eh. *nods and smiles*

    blame "it ain't half hot mum" for everything i post.
    these guys. i'm gonig to go and cry now for a world that could never be.
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  4. yay

    yay Well-Known Member

    here's like western kids entertainment:

    thundercats/g.i. joe/smurfs/he-man et c.:
    "hey, we're all really having a great time playing with our space toys!"

    evil persons:
    "haha, we ruin your fun!"

    boring persons:
    "hey, oh no! hey guys, our fun is all ruint! we caint have any fun until we *kick some azzzzz*"

    evil persons:
    "oh no! you awesome people kicked our azzzzzzes with your awesome space toys! we truly suck!"

    boring persons:
    "yes we did! and (some kinda clever quip, everyone laughs and the credits roll)"

    70's socialist u.k. was like oh hi wombles/clangers/bagpuss/ermintrude you big weirdo. did a problem happen? alright, we'll all chip in. there, all better.

    no conflict, no innately crap people, no intrinsic antagonists. no gargamel/skeletor/cobra/mumm-ra. no "look it's simple, these people are azzzzzzholes and the world just cant be good until you kick they azzzzes"

    pretty bloody simple if you ask me. course, no one asks me, and everyone thinks the programmes they grew up with are teh shizzle. who wants to grow? who wants perspective? not a one. they want thundercat bumper stickers. and they know its dumb, but watch how they act. "you are crap and things caint be good until you azzzz is kicked" oh good, real thinknig is going to happen here.

    i get tired of saying it, you know, all day on this earth with these people.
  5. yay

    yay Well-Known Member

    it's like..

    got abstraction?

    abstrwuuh???? ...nope
  6. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    There's a blast from the past.
    Don't forget the muppet show on a Sunday night. 1975 so caught the arrse end.
  7. yay

    yay Well-Known Member

    oh internet listen to my tale of woe

    1976.. final year of the black and white minstrel show

    if you ever get the time.. the four chinese classics are profound.. "journey to the west" well written all-purpose story for human beings "romance of three kingdoms" nobody does land wars like chinese "the water margin" virtuous outlaws in a swamp "dream of red chambers" amazing treatise on ..human cruelty. that is an education.

    chuck would like guan yu, patron saint of police. beheaded by his own troops because they couldn't handle being hardcore. his sworn brother, zhang fei held off a division single handedly at a bridge on reputation. i think these guys spent like thirty years campaigning.

    any other nations on earth have emperors that started off as pig farmers... i'm not a warfare history buff or anything but "the world" was quite a playing field. once i used to think britain was something, ha. another remarkable thing.. buddhist emperors.. totally amazing concept of respectable leaders.

    it will finally be night and i'll sotp typing.
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